Three new models of 100% organic bags

Organic everywhere: discover the new range of bags offered in the application.

Three new models of 100% organic bags - TPOP Print on demand app

At TPOP, we don't do things by halves: no less than three new ecologically and responsibly made bags have made their debut on the application. They have passed the various tests in the workshop and are now ready to be printed and sold by the thousands!

Let's move on to the presentation of each of these models.

1/ JASSZ Totebag 100% organic cotton 140 g/m2

Discover this customised organic bag, via a Shopify application: TPOP.

This bag, made of 100% organic cotton, replaces the 100% cotton totebag already on the application (also from Jassz). It looks just like its predecessor: same color, same size, same weight, but the difference is in its eco-responsible manufacturing. It has the GOTS label, which is a great argument, as it is so difficult to obtain this ecological quality label (we have already discussed this subject in more detail in this blog article).

It is a real advantage for your marketing strategy to promote an ecologically manufactured totebag (it is important to specify this on your website), since today's mainly European customers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues.

Selling 'clean' and nature-friendly products is no longer just a choice, it has become a necessity for people and the planet.

As we want to promote as many organic products as possible at reasonable prices, we have decided not to increase the price of this new totebag and to leave it at the same price as its predecessor.

If you already offer the JASSZ totebag on your website, don't panic, the mockup remains the same, you just need to add the words "100% organic cotton" to the product description, there is no need to re-create the products.

As an indication, you can sell this product between 13 and 16 euros.

2/ Totebag STANLEY/STELLA 80% recycled cotton 20% recycled polyester 300 g/m2

A personalised tote-bag in print on demand.

As usual, Stanley/Stella offers a bag of excellent quality with a neat and robust finish.

Having had the Jassz and Stanley tote bags in our hands, we can assure you that they are not at all the same products. They are almost the same size but differ in thickness (140 g/m2 VS 300 g/m2), color and seams.

Let's move on to the comparative photos, which will be more meaningful.

Looking at the two products in more detail, we notice that the reinforcing crosses on the Stanley/Stella handles are larger and thus improve the robustness of the product by allowing the user to put more weight into the bag.

The tote bag from Stanley Stella.
A print-on-demand application for Shopify, made in France.

The same goes for the bottom of the bag: Stanley/Stella has added a double seam to increase the volume and make it more robust again, whereas on the Jassz there is no seam in the bottom of the bag but only on the sides. You can also see in this photo the difference in colour between the two.

The differences between the 2 tote-bags.

Here are the details of the inner seams of both bags:

New organic products in print on demand / P.O.D.

Now let's look at the labels on the two bags: they both have the OEKO-TEX and GOTS labels.

Jassz is made from 100% organic cotton, while Stanley contains 15% recycled polyester, hence the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) label which sets out the criteria for third party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices.

Cotton is also recycled, as is polyester, and Stanley/Stella has recently been awarded this label. Why add polyester? Simply to make the product softer to the touch.

Discover the bags, tote-bags available in our dropshipping application for Shopify.

In summary, these are two very good products that correspond to two different ranges. They do not have quite the same use, nor the same durability, hence the slight difference in price.

The Jaszz tote bag has the advantage of being made in an environmentally friendly way, it is light, easy to fold and transportable. It easily replaces plastic bags for your daily shopping. It offers an excellent print quality, as good as the Stanley/Stella bag. It is also a great product to promote your brand at a trade fair or promotional event.

The Stanley/Stella tote bag is in a higher range than the Jassz. Its finish and construction make it ultra sturdy and thick. It's more than just a shopping bag, it's a fashion statement in its own right. You're sure to keep it for years, if not a lifetime.

Unlike the Jassz, it is heavier, cannot be folded easily and therefore cannot be easily carried in a handbag.

You can sell this totebag for between 15 and 19 euros without any problem.

3/ Shopping bag STANLEY/STELLA 80% recycled cotton 20% recycled polyester 300 g/m2

An organic shopping bag, in print on demand.

As you can see from the photo above, the shopping bag is larger than a simple tote bag. It measures 49 cm by 37 cm, which is 12 cm larger than a tote bag.

It has the same features and finishes as the Stanley/Stella totebag.

It's also a great accessory to carry your beach towels or to accompany you on your spring picnics. It's simple: it's so big that you can take your pet with you (the proof is in the first photo of the article: we were able to take Plume for a little walk without any difficulty).

With a larger printing area, your designs will look as good as they do on the totebag.

Print tote bags in demand: the Stanley/Stella shopping bag.

This large bag can be sold between 19 and 30 euros.

Now it's up to you to choose the bag that best suits your niche and/or your clientele. You can also offer all three, why choose after all?