5 (super good) reasons to choose TPOP site

Don't read this article if you don't want to revolutionize your e-commerce experience. You've been warned.

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It's been two weeks since the release of the new version of TPOP. "New version, you say? Yes, because clearly, the term "update" wouldn't be enough. What we've done is no facelift.

We've pressed the big red button to blow everything up and start again from scratch.

Then, with our small, hard-working hands, we've fashioned a platform packed with beautiful new features... These include a solution for starting up an e-commerce business from A to Z: TPOP site.

And let's just say that we're very proud of it...

Because we have every reason to believe that it could very well change the lives of e-commerce merchants. More concretely, 5 excellent reasons that we're going to tell you about RIGHT NOW.

Hang on, you're going to be blown away...

Reason #1: it's free

All platforms follow one idea: e-commerce pays.
If you want to make money, you have to spend money. Logical?

In our opinion, no, not logical.

The outside world is already saturated with limits: you need authorization for this, a diploma for that. At TPOP, we wanted to help make e-commerce accessible, not the other way around, because for us, that's what the world needs. Vote for us. Er, no, sorry, we're getting a bit confused, but you get the idea.

So yes, many will be surprised to note: TPOP Site is FREE. Not just the creation of the store, everything: customizing it, using it and all this with no transaction fees, no commission. EVERYTHING.

That's what makes it so magical... And the next 4 points, of course.

Reason #2: it's quick and easy to set up

TPOP Site aims to be ACCESSIBLE. Yes, we're rambling, but we're not just talking about being accessible to all budgets, we're also talking about being accessible to all levels of e-commerce experience. We've designed a solution to suit everyone: scalable for the internet savvy, yet easy to configure for the novice.

And when we say "easy to configure", we're not kidding: creating a TPOP Site takes less than two minutes.

1 minute, 23 seconds and 11 milli-seconds, to be more precise.

Yes, we've timed ourselves.

Reason #3: it's optimized for SEO

What is SEO? Maybe the term doesn't ring a bell, but SEO has always been there for you in your online sales journey. He's a benefactor in the shadows, a bit like that nice prince in your e-mails who wants to leave you his inheritance. Except that in this case, he's not here to usurp you of 2,000 euros, but to help you make money!

What's his mission? Boost your store's visibility. How do we do it? By improving your ranking in search engine results. Except that to do this, he'll need a little help from your store's web host. A helping hand that TPOP site is happy to give, including the possibility for you to sprinkle your site with your most relevant keywords... Goodbye, Google page 15.

You won't be sorry.

Reason #4: It's perfectly suited to cell phones

Create your own website and sell online for free

More than 43% of online purchases are made via mobile.

This figure is impressive, so much so that it seems like it was just invented. It comes from eMarketer magazine, and confirms a fact: checking the accessibility of your mobile store is no longer an option... It's in-dis-pen-sable for the future of your brand.

Except that far, far too many store hosts are offering non-mobile-friendly themes that will do just one thing: drive customers away. Links that don't work, no logic in the design: all this will do is turn your store into an industrial-scale frustration factory.

That's why one of our priorities was to design a theme perfectly in line with today's e-commerce: a business that's almost half done on mobile support!

Because your brands are incredible and deserve 136% success.

That number, yes, we just made it up.
But we mean it.

Reason #5: it's customizable

Doing what everyone else is doing?
Leave that to the sheep, the mimes and the flashmobs.

In a sea of brands, your store MUST stand out to grab customers' attention.

With this in mind, our web design team has created an aesthetically pleasing theme, customizable to your image... because nobody knows your brand identity better than you. Because no one knows your brand identity better than you.

But it's not complicated: customizing your TPOP site is ACCESSIBLE (what do you mean, we're repeating ourselves?), with a page featuring the possibility of changing your store's palette to the colors of your choice, changing the font, your logo and much more. For subscribers, the range of possibilities is even wider, with, among other things, the creation of customizable blocks on the home page and a personalized banner to send an impactful message to all your visitors.

It couldn't be better: it's fresh, it's beautiful and, above all, it's you.

The additional reason: green servers!

AHA! You didn't think we'd forget that, did you?

Ecological criteria are central to all our projects, and creating an e-commerce solution is no exception: we've chosen one of Europe's most efficient and environmentally-friendly data centers to host your stores.

It consumes 30 to 40% less energy and 90% less water than a standard data center. So you can do your bit for the planet, without having to lift a finger.

Right, sorry...
We know we've made you want to...
And we're sorry, but there's nothing left for you to do except try for yourself.