Why choose a personalised t-shirt with TPOP

Why choose a personalised t-shirt with TPOP
The customised t-shirt, an asset for your print-on-demand shop.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards personalising one's wardrobe and accessories.

Personalised T-shirt, mug bearing his or her image or name, tote-bag featuring his or her pet, sweatshirt with sweet words to give to your companion... All means are good to appropriate his clothes, his interior decoration and his goodies. Did you know that Print on Demand is the perfect way to get a custom t-shirt?
Our eco-friendly and sustainable Print on Demand service will be particularly appropriate as we make it very easy to bring a custom field to your visuals, whether on Shopify, Woocommerce or Etsy.

You may be wondering: what is the difference between a customised t-shirt and a personalised t-shirt?

The principle is not the same, since a t-shirt is customised by you, the proud owner of a Print on Demand shop, with the visuals of your choice. A personalised t-shirt, on the other hand, is a t-shirt with a design where a space is reserved for the addition of text of the consumer's choice, or certain details of your visual is variable according to the buyer's wishes.

In all cases, the raison d'être of the personalised t-shirt is to be open to the customer's contribution.

There are a number of benefits to creating custom designs for your print-on-demand shop, let's go through them right away. After reading this article, you'll definitely want to get your custom t-shirt, custom mug or other custom item into your shop if you haven't already.

1 - The personalised t-shirt, an ideal gift

The personalised T-shirt, the must-have for the Print on Demand product seller.

Printed and personalised gifts have become increasingly popular in recent years.
For birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, births, retirements, special occasions and one-offs, for family members, loved ones and friends, a personalised t-shirt is a good choice of gift as it is the type of product that will have an instant emotional attachment and will therefore be treasured for the long term. The personalised t-shirt or any other type of personalised clothing or merchandise will become the owner's favourite because it reflects a certain effort on the part of the person to find a unique and memorable present because it is made to measure. There is nothing like a personalised t-shirt to give lasting pleasure!

Personalised t-shirts and accessories are excellent choices for gifts to give to loved ones because, despite the pleasure and joy they will bring to their new owners, they require very little effort on your part.
Thanks to our Print-on-Demand service, which is very intuitive and easy to use, all you have to do is publish an article with an empty space to add your customer's contribution, without forgetting to tick the "product open to personalisation" option. From there, your customer can send you the text or the modification of the visual that he/she wants, so that you can send it to us and we can print it on the blank product desired by the customer. Once we have received the final design for the personalised t-shirt, the process can go very quickly: we print and dispatch your orders on average within 48 hours. No, it's not magic, it's efficiency!

The print on demand of personalized t-shirt.

Now you can see why it is very relevant for you, as a seller of customised products on demand, to offer at least one customised t-shirt on your shop. If you are in need of inspiration, here are some ideas for custom t-shirt designs to give away that have been working very well with the public lately:

  • Customizable portrait illustration (color hair, eyes,...)
  • Humorous text with space for a first name
  • Text specially dedicated to a festive event
  • Illustration of a customisable pet (breed, color of the coat, space for the pet's name,...)
  • Additional messages, for couples, family or friends.

Be creative, remember to be yourself, and everything should go well with your custom t-shirt sale.

2 - The personalised t-shirt, perfect for standing out

Easy customisation with TPOP, your 100% eco-friendly POD service.

One of the reasons why the personalised t-shirt is particularly popular is because it allows its owners to express their desire to reflect their personality and individuality through their outfits and accessories.

This is an argument that is becoming more and more common when buying a personalised t-shirt or personalised products in general. As time goes by, there is a growing desire not to look like your fellow man, to assert your differences through your appearance. Print on Demand's customised products are perfect for this, as they leave the door open to many possibilities to add your own touch. Print on Demand customisation is already vast in terms of niches and aesthetics, allowing the customisation of t-shirts and the entire range of your shop will have the potential to gain even more originality.

And yes, it is possible!

The customised t-shirt, customised tote bag and all the other customisable products in our catalogue are sure to give your customers' outfits the cachet they've been dreaming of.

We can assure you that this trend, which has been around for some time, is not about to have its last word. Consumers are increasingly willing to stand up to the mass production of clothing, accessories and other decorative objects that has been a feature of our society for over a century. All the signs are there to prove that this trend of personalisation is here to stay. And what could be better than a personalised t-shirt to assert one's differences? The T-shirt is a wardrobe essential, everyone has at least one. It has the advantage of having a timeless silhouette, that crosses the ages without ever being outdated, that knows how to please all generations and all genres. What is also wonderful about the t-shirt is that it can be worn all year round: it is perfect for summer temperatures, but can also be worn under a sweatshirt or jacket for the arrival of the winter season or on cooler evenings.

Offering personalisation on your shop guarantees that your products, and in particular your personalised t-shirts, will become a key piece of clothing for your customers. Indeed, if the t-shirt is personalised and matches perfectly with its owner, there is no reason why he or she would not want to keep it as long as possible, and wear it as often as possible.

3 - The personalised t-shirt to optimise your turnover

Increase your turnover with a personalised t-shirt in Print on Demand.

If you have a Print on Demand shop, you probably already know that the market and the competition are tough... All means are good to attract your customers to take advantage of the margin you have set on the items in your range.

We know you like this news, but studies show that most consumers are willing to spend more on personalised products (such as personalised t-shirts, personalised tote-bags, etc). That sounds like something you'd like to do! Knowing how difficult it is to get a stable and regular turnover...

Shopping, even online, is a seasonal, trendy business, so it is very difficult to achieve predictable revenues. Fortunately, another advantage, far from being negligible, is presented by the sale of customised t-shirts and various customised objects and accessories in Print on Demand: indeed, customisation, although not requiring any additional investment compared to "basic" customised POD products, tends to increase the perceived value of the items. You can therefore, without abusing it, allow yourself to raise the prices of these customised t-shirts and any other type of item for which your customers have the option of contributing.

Be careful, however, to set the price of your personalised t-shirt or any other product that can be personalised by your customer: you need to strike a certain balance in order to reassure them that they are paying the right price. If you abuse your power to increase your margin, especially on the price of your personalised t-shirt or mug, you run the risk of losing your customer's trust and loyalty. Knowing that customer retention is a very important principle for the long-term health of a shop, and especially for Print on Demand shops selling custom t-shirts, it is best to set a price that will satisfy both you and your customer.

In any case, you will have understood: a personalised t-shirt, despite its apparent simplicity, can bring you a lot of money. And what will it cost you to try it?
Imagine that it will cost you nothing. A bargain.

4 - The personalised t-shirt, a customer satisfaction asset

Satisfied customers thanks to the possibility of customising their POD products.

Another great thing about selling items such as customised t-shirts, customised mugs or customised tote bags is that these products can be personalised and are a real boost to customer satisfaction.

What do you mean, a personalised t-shirt will make your customer even more happy than they would have been if it was just a customised t-shirt? Yes, absolutely: by offering the personalisation of some of your products, such as a personalised t-shirt, you allow your business-to-consumer relationship to develop and strengthen, and thus significantly increase the chances that the consumer will come back to your shop afterwards. Knowing that a customer who has already ordered from your shop will tend to spend more, it seems worthwhile to put at least one personalised t-shirt model on your shop, doesn't it?

We strongly advise you to do so: putting a personalised t-shirt or any other type of personalised clothing or accessory on sale will only maintain your customers' loyalty and encourage them to come back to you. And yes, it will be as good for your turnover as it sounds! Even more so, as returning customers tend to spend more than new customers.

One of the main difficulties in starting a Print on Demand business is that there is a lot of competition; even within a fairly specific niche, you cannot guarantee that your product will be unique in the market. That's precisely why you need to make sure that your customer experience is as good as possible to maximise the sale of your personalised t-shirt, personalised mug, personalised sweatshirt or personalised tote bag.
Don't hesitate to pamper your customers, to pamper them, to make them feel important and loved. Chances are that if you make an effort in this area, your involvement will be better than your competitors... From then on, there is no reason why the consumer should not choose your shop to buy a personalised t-shirt.

The decision to add a customised T-shirt to your catalogue gives you an extra chance to reach your audience better, to satisfy them more and to optimise your margins. What's the catch, you ask?
Well, there is simply no catch with selling customised t-shirts: it's a win-win business, as positive for you as it is for your customer. So don't wait any longer and try out the personalisation option we offer on TPOP, our eco-friendly Print on Demand platform... Something tells us that you won't regret it.

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