How does it work?

E-commerce made easy

Thanks to our platform and its print-on-demand service service (print on demand), we make it easy for you to create your own personalized products that will be automatically automatically sent to your online store, then forwarded to your customers 100% transparent.

For your customers, the sender is you.


Your free online store

Crucial to your development

  • A real online store

    We offer you the free creation of your own ecommerce site in just a few minutes.

  • Eco-responsible accommodation

    Your entire store is permanently hosted.

  • The easiest management on the market

    Manage your ecommerce with an incredibly simple interface.

  • Top-level customer support

    Questions about your store? We've got the answers.

Already have your own store?

Don't worry, we've got connectors for all the major existing platforms.

Print on Demand : eco-responsible products.

Top products

We offer you a selection of top-quality products, all eco-friendly eco-responsible and designed with people in mind, that you can simply the very best in quality, to ensure maximum brand awareness.

  • The highest-quality products on the market

    We've selected the highest-quality products on the market, all of them eco-responsible and designed with respect for people.

  • Sustainable products

    The products you can offer for sale in your store are all sustainable sustainable, and designed with respect for people.

We take care of logistics

The products, and this is the magic of it all, we have in stock.

This means that when you receive an order, we'll be able to print/prepare your products super-fast.

Yes, you've got it: you can forget the old-fashioned way, where you had to build up your own stock (with all the disadvantages that entails).

The expedition

Shipping is another of our strengths: once your order has been prepared by our pretty, expert hands, we'll take care of shipping it anywhere in the anywhere in the world.
Your customers will be delighted to receive your beautifully packaged products, with as many reminders of your brand as possible on and in the parcel.

The most virtuous shipment possible

  • We are the first operator to offer plastic-free shipping plastic

  • Parcels are sent from the world's most virtuous postal operator. in the world.


How much does it cost?

Access to the entire platform is free.
You only pay for the products you sell.

Example: you sell a t-shirt for EUR 30 (you set the selling price for your products) => your customer will send you the EUR 30 to your bank account.
As soon as the order is placed in production by TPOP, you are invoiced for the amount defined for a t-shirt, e.g. 14 EUR.

Do you offer options?

Of course: would you like to go further?
2 subscriptions are availablein addition to the free package, giving you access to exclusive functions from 30 EUR per month.

How do my customers pay me?

Customers pay you directly into your bank account, according to the method you choose.

Today, on your TPOP Site store, you can access Stripe and PayPal.

How do I pay for my orders ?

It's very simple: you define your payment method on the platform, and each time an order is placed, we deduct the cost of the products and delivery.

Making life easier for you

That's what we're all about: making your online sales experience as easy as possible, so that you can concentrate on what's really important: your brand.

What's more, we're friendly.