Who is print on demand intended for?

Print on Demand is a business model that can be extremely interesting for a variety of profiles.

Graphic designers, illustrators and other self-employed workers

Do you have some creative inspiration or marketing talent and want to put your visuals on products to monetize your business? POD is an excellent choice.

Artists who already have a Fanbase

You are an influencer, a Youtuber or an author, and you want to take advantage of your popularity and offer your audience the possibility to show their support through the purchase of merchandising (also called derivative products).

Crowdfunding campaigns

You want to launch a crowdfunding campaign for your project? It is often necessary to set up counterparts, t-shirts, mugs etc. With print on demand, there is no need to pay in advance or manage stock, it's magic.

Companies, associations and communities

At the head of a professional activity, you wish to make team-building (team building in French) and to gather your collaborators around colors and the global image of your company thanks to personalized products.

With Print on Demand, whatever your situation, creating your brand or launching your product line has never been easier or more accessible.