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The 6 graphic trends to follow in 2022

Get the year off to a flying start with inspiration from these top graphic trends.

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Looking at the world of graphic design over the last few months, it's clear that trends are coming and going at a FAST pace. It's simple, we seem to be witnessing a real bubbling of creativity. Collective emulation? Is it a revival of inspiration from an era that is, to say the least, peculiar (hmm)?

One thing is for sure: at the beginning of this year, graphic trends are abundant, refreshing and colourful, a real pleasure for the eyes. The good news is that your status as a Print on Demand designer will allow you to experiment with these visual trends to get better visibility and have the opportunity to boost your sales. That's right: no stock, so no risk if you want to try out new designs inspired by the latest trends.

To give you the dose of inspiration you deserve, TPOP has taken a look at some of the major design movements of recent times. Prepare to be amazed.

Nostalgia for the 90s

Source : H&M

This fashion is probably the most striking of the beginning of this year: when browsing through pages of freshly released printed clothing, it is impossible to ignore the invasion of smileys, retro cartoon characters, colors vitamins and tributes to high-tech objects of the time. The kids of the 90's have grown up and want to honor their first memories: it seems to be a matter of course. This trend is so important that we have dedicated an article to it, which you can read here:


Source (right): Pull and Bear

What are these doodles, more precisely?

They are the kind of innocent, unpretentious, abstract drawings that you can scribble on a post-it note while daydreaming.
This graphic style simply exudes carefreeness, youth and originality. It's generally very fresh, simple, perfect for standing out without overdoing it.
Charmed by this movement? Canva' s built-in image bank is full of these lovely doodles, some of which are free, ready to proudly display on your beautiful products.

Expressive lettering

Sources: Bershka and Zara

Fonts, although seemingly more functional than decorative, are proving to be a real pillar of the graphic design world: the choice of a font can itself say a lot about a message or a brand's identity. Some designers will push this concept to the limit: this is what we are seeing at the beginning of 2022 with the BIG trend of expressive lettering. These movement-filled fonts blend content and form to get their message across in the most conceptual way possible, and we like it (a lot)!

Bubble design

Source : Bershka

With its light illustrations and rounded, bubble-like writing (hence the name), this is a graphic trend that seems to have been unearthed from our childhood memories. This is due in part to the fact that rounded script fonts symbolise a certain softness, due to their lack of right angles. The choice of palettes in this movement is often bold, acidic or pastel, but always high in colourcolors. We strongly advise you to play the game of this rich, childlike and deeply refreshing universe.

Art Deco

Source (right): Karl Lagerfeld

Much, much more vintage than the 90s trend mentioned above, the art deco style has its roots in the 1920s. The festive atmosphere of the "Roaring Twenties", colors metal inspiring opulence, careful rectilinear geometry and illustrations of urban landscapes in the early days of industrialisation... All these graphic codes are becoming more and more numerous and confirm that the art deco movement seems to be making a comeback.

The psychedelic atmosphere

Sources: Asos & Bershka

In case you had any doubts, it's official: this year, graphic design is determined to take us on a journey through time. With this latest trend, we find ourselves in the late 60s, ready to hit the road for the Woodstock festival. Distorted typography, acidic colors , busy illustrations, nature themes (mushrooms, flowers and plants of all kinds): after a period of distancing, this movement celebrates nature, celebration and joie de vivre. Just what we needed!

Hopefully, you'll have a head full of ideas and be ready to start your creative process. When your visuals are ready, this is the place to be:

We hope you will sell your (T-)top trendy products in spades!