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An exclusive new feature to set you apart: the hoodie dip-dye!

Upgrade with gradient...

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When oversized meets style, when comfort is king: welcome to the future of fashion!

Without further ado, meet its greatest ambassador...

The hoodie oversized Dip-Dye, for adults and children. kids

Imagine a hoodie that defies convention, evoking the glamour of a rising Hollywood star while looking like you've just come off a relaxing surf session at the beach.

That's exactly what we're offering you in this jewel exclusively reserved for Pro subscriptions...

Here we have the Rolls of customizable products, with premium-quality fabric and finishes of rare delicacy. And the material... It's simple: this is the kind of hoodie that cuddles you, with its 350 g/m² thickness, cozy fleece and extra-soft feel. The kangaroo pocket? So roomy you could probably fit a real baby kangaroo in there. We haven't tried it, but we'd bet on it.

With it, you don't have to worry about size. Whether your customer is an adult in search of ultimate comfort, or wants to dress his budding mini-fashionista, we've got options for everyone: from XS to 2XL for adults, and from 3-4 to 12-14 for mini-me's.

We've chosen combinations from colors that are sure to make your heart flutter, as they've made ours. Royal blue blends into mottled gray for adults: it's as if the sky were resting on a soft cloud. And duck blue dipping into water green, for adults AND kids, reminds us of a refreshing dip in a tropical lagoon, but without the sand in our shoes... Yes, we're poets too.

But this fabric isn't just special for its quality or its pretty gradations. Why not take a look at its label?

100% organic cotton

Yes: this hoodie is also organic!

Made by Stanley/stella and certified by G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard), it's a dream for the planet. And why? Because its cotton is grown without pesticides, insecticides or GMOs. Yes, you read that right: this cotton is grown as cleanly as grandma's vegetable garden. What's more, the dyeing of this hoodie is 100% ecological, which means that even its colors are on the green side of the force...

But that's not all! By adding this hoodie to your range, you give yourself the opportunity to support fair working conditions and decent wages for farmers and employees. You'll be proud to make a difference - and so will your customers.

What's more, it's an invaluable selling point for your environmentally conscious customers... And not only that: organic cotton means durability, which means they'll be able to wear hoodie again and again. Grow old in it. Pass it on to their children kids, who knows? And in any case, be forced to notice that your brand sells QUALITY, that it's worth coming back to shop with you.

The Grail of style

If we offer you this product, it's not just for its quality, or its eco-friendliness. Although that might be enough.

It's also because it's fashionable, more than fashionable, fashion without moderation.

Just look out on the street: in recent years, dip-dye clothing has come back stronger than ever. Stronger than when they were worn by hippies in the 60's. Stronger than in the 90's. The trend has changed, and has even been adopted by the major fashion brands. Note: not the flashy, ultra-psychedelic version like the t-shirt you created as a kid in your MJC workshop...

It's back, yes, but in a more minimalist, more sophisticated version, just like the one we're presenting here. Their superb two-tone gradients, beautiful cameos of green and blue, will express your customers' individuality in a sea of black, gray and white. "I'm unique!" they cry loudly. And who wants to blend in when you can stand out?

And what about her haircut? Let's talk about it. We already told you that oversized was a major trend a few months ago. Good news for you: it still is, and this product will enable you to make a clean sweep with two trends in one go... Twice as many sales? That's all we wish for you. When it comes to comfort, of course, these are veritable portable cocoons where your customers can wrap up, keep warm, or even hide snacks and sweets to take back to the cinema, but that's a secret.

We see you, with your eyes shining like two little suns...

But not so fast! Are you a Pro subscriber?
If not, you won't be able to customize this product, which is reserved for them. To subscribe, go to your account settings!

And if so... Then it's time to add this beauty to your range. And to order it so you can "try it on" (and end up wanting to wear it every day)...