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Our selection of the best Shopify applications

Apps that are good...

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In the previous article, we discussed the importance of choosing a theme to personalize your store. Today, let's take a look at another indispensable aspect of perfecting your site's operation: the store Shopify app.

You'll find over 1,000 applications, ready to install and simplify your life as a web entrepreneur. They are divided on the app store according to different categories such as sales resources, store design, marketing or inventory management, or according to "collections": launching your store, sales channels, French-language applications...

This multitude of applications - commonly called plugins in other e-commerce solutions - will help you print your invoices, manage the sending of e-mails or the management of newsletters, and optimize your search engine optimization (SEO). These applications integrate directly into your shop and automate the various processes involved in online sales. This not inconsiderable time-saving means you can concentrate on your brand communication and marketing.

Some applications have been created by Shopify, others by Shopify partners. The latter have all been certified and approved by the platform team. You can therefore be sure that they are compatible with a majority of themes and will be updated over time.

On the store app, you'll find both free and paid apps, some offering a monthly subscription.

You are sure to find something to suit you in this huge pool of applications!

We offer you a selection of user-friendly apps that are suitable for print-on-demand operation.

TPOP (free): the best French Print on Demand application 😘

We couldn't list the best apps here without mentioning our own, the one we've given so much and sweated so hard for!

Obviously, it's hard for us to be objective, but please know that we handle all orders as if they were our own. We are a young, dynamic, passionate and enthusiastic team and it is just inconceivable that you would be disappointed with the TPOP app and our services. We really are.

End of the self-promotion part.


Compatible with Shopify's Order Printer application, this module lets you create PDF invoices for your customers. Once installed on your store, theapplication generates a link for you to add wherever you like. For use with TPOP, this link should ideally be inserted at the bottom of your order confirmation message.

This means no more wasted paper and ink: if - and only if - your customer needs an invoice, they can print it. It's simple, efficient and super useful!


You probably already know that customer reviews on your website are important and will help you improve your conversion rate. Your future buyers need to be reassured about the quality of your products, your after-sales service and your reactivity in case of problems.

As everything is "dematerialized" on the Internet, they can't see or touch the different items you offer in your lovely store Shopify, which is why it's so interesting for them to read your customers' reviews.

Product reviews, offered and developed by Shopify, adds a module to your theme that allows the customer to leave a rating (between 1 and 5 stars) and a comment on each product sheet. Ratings will also be visible in Google search results as the application generates the necessary structured data.
A good point for your shop (if you have good ratings of course...).

PRIVY (free)

This application is a tool that allows you to create exit pop-ups (an offer that appears when your customer is about to leave your site) in order to retain your audience as much as possible and offer them codes or coupons. Privy also helps you limit shopping cart abandonment.

Thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can customise each pop-up according to certain variables. Privy is also a way to collect a maximum of emails by activating pop-ups that invite your visitors to enter their email address to access your newsletter.

Please note that the application becomes chargeable when your database exceeds a certain number of customers. Obviously, this version has more features than the free version.

Better Replay (Free)

You never stop improving, and what better way to do so than to take a step back from yourself and your business? The Better Replay application will allow you to see your shop through new eyes: that of your visitors. If the conversion rate (i.e. the ratio of visitors to buyers) of your shop is not what you expected, using this application will be a great way to understand the path of your audience on your shop and to know on which pages they tend to lose or gain interest.

This extremely useful tool is free up to 100 unique visitors per month, after which it will be available to you through a subscription.

Are they installed yet?

So, with this small selection, you're all set.

Zou, nothing can stop you, let's go for sales.