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Why and how to use package inserts with TPOP?

Shower your customer with love with your new marketing weapon: the package insert.

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The parcel insert is one of the many branding options that TPOP is pleased to put at your disposal; it can be embodied in a variety of goodie formats, and will be there to fulfill the important mission of surprising and delighting your customer as they unpack their parcel. As we'll see in the rest of this article, it's important to know that these little gestures have considerable power.

First of all: how does the goodie insert option at TPOP work in practice?

The principle is simple: after activating the "Package Inserts" option available on the "Branding" page of our application, you will need to send us your goodies by post mail, so that we can eventually place them with love and tenderness in a storage locker while waiting for their departure to new horizons. This option will be charged at 0.80€ per package and 1€ per day of storage: in short, a modest sum to make a very lasting impression.

Knowing that the goodie insert can complement all the other branding options available to you, including, for example, the (free) possibility of putting your logo on the parcel or the (equally free) possibility of adding a message to a slip at colors of your shop, it is a certainty that you have all the cards in your hand to show your customers a good time.

For more information on how our parcel insert option works, such as where to send them or the correct dimensions of the goodies, please visit our help centre page right here.

Why use the goodie insert option at all?

The experience of unwrapping packages is truly one of the great pleasures of the 21st century; who hasn't felt like a kid under the Christmas tree when receiving a long-awaited package?

Adding inserts to your Print on Demand parcels increases the joy of unpacking by surprising your customer with an unexpected gift. It doesn't matter if it's not very valuable: even with a flyer, you're bound to score a point. Depending on the type of goodies you choose, mass-producing inserts may seem expensive for smaller budgets, but trust us, it's well worth it: a unique and personalised unwrapping experience will be highly likely to build customer loyalty, and your business will feel the benefits in the long run.

If you can't offer inserts all year round, try to take advantage of this option during the festive season: it's a time of boosted sales, ideal for making a maximum impression.

How can I best use the parcel insert?

Even with a weight and size limit, the choice of goodie formats available to you is very wide. Depending on your objectives and the brand image you wish to reflect, you may prefer certain types of inserts to others. You can find ideas in the list of examples of inserts that our team has put together just for you.

2. Effective: the thank-you note

The automated aspect of online shops tends to make us forget that behind every brand is a real human being, with real chunks of tenderness inside. A thank you note is the ideal way to remind your customer that you are there, to show them that you are aware of their interest and that you care. A sincere note is always a pleasure, and the wonderful thing is that, depending on its design, it will cost you (almost) nothing.

Want to make an even bigger impact? Consider writing your note by hand. We promise, it's worth spending an hour writing your little notes. Your customer will be so touched by this personal attention that there is a good chance that they will order from your shop again, if only to be able to enjoy your way with words again.

2. The punch: the promotional code

Did you know that the probability of selling to a consumer who is already a customer of your brand is between 60 and 70% (source Statista)? A new customer, on the other hand, will only have a 5 to 20% chance of falling for your products. That's why it's important to focus on retaining your consumers: a loyal customer is a customer who not only supports you in the long term, but also spends more and more often. In short, it's a must-have customer, and you know what? With a little work on your branding, and in particular on package inserts, customer loyalty can be tamed.

Probably the most effective way to entice your customer to come back and shop with you is to offer them a promotion on their next order and, oh joy, a parcel insert can take care of getting the message across. What's 10% less on their shopping compared to a lifetime of unwavering loyalty?

In the same vein of ideas with strong commercial potential, you can also include a flyer in the parcel offering items related to their purchases, but be careful not to engage in a too aggressive facet of marketing.

3. The emblematic: your store's business card flyer

The receipt of a parcel by the customer, even a very satisfied one, can mark the end of their relationship with your brand. This is where you have to step in: fight back! Show them how much you exist, how great you are, and that the relationship is worth continuing.

Nowadays, there is clearly no better way to introduce yourself into your customer's daily landscape than with social networks; as you have already been told many times, it is important (if not indispensable) for any contemporary brand to have a webmarketing strategy. Interacting with your customers, making them feel important, loved, pampered: it's free, yet so effective. In addition to strengthening your ties with your current buyers, it greatly increases your chances of exposure to other potential consumers.

Among the many branding options available to you through TPOP, you can already find the possibility of mentioning your social network profiles on the mailing slip. For even more effect, don't hesitate to include a flyer or business card with the necessary contact and networking information; in such a competitive sector, you can't get noticed enough. Take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your universe by choosing an original design, perfectly matching your brand image: nothing like it to make a mark.

4. The touching little gift

We know that you have a heart on your sleeve. Your customers may be less aware of this: now is the time to act and give them concrete proof of this by including a small gift in their parcel, thought out with love among their purchases.

You don't need to put in a state-of-the-art smartphone or a sports car, which would be a bit too big anyway: depending on your brand image and the theme of your shop, choose a gift that matches your niche and that is useful for your customer. The huge advantage of the goodie is that if it ends up being used, it can have a strong marketing potential: being omnipresent in the space of your customer or his entourage, it will remind the existence of your brand on a daily basis.

Need ideas? We've got just what you need. Find inspiration in this list of small gifts that can accompany the packages of your dearest customers:

  • Picture postcards
  • Bookmarks
  • Magnets
  • Small prints to display on the wall
  • Original door hangers

The possibilities are numerous, and recognition from your audience is more than ever within your reach. Popularity is yours!

5. What's useful: advice on how to use your products

You are the best, you remain unrivalled, you have unparalleled expertise within your niche; at least that is what you need to communicate to your client to make you stand out from the competition.

The best way to increase your legitimacy will be to offer your customer advice on how to use or to care for the product they ordered. This type of package insert has two great qualities: firstly, it confirms your role as a specialist in your market, but also it is highly relevant and entertaining without being too blatant a marketing tool.

Depending on your niche and the products you offer for purchase, it will be possible to offer your customers different types of advice. If you are more into clothing, offer advice on how to care for it for better durability or different ways to match a garment. If you're more into selling products for sports enthusiasts, advise your customers on different recipes for energy smoothies. In short, tailor your insert to your business for maximum impact with your audience.

As you can see, the parcel insert is entirely optional, yet it is of crucial interest: because of its striking, surprising and personalised appearance, it has extraordinary marketing power. Everyone likes to feel noticed and pampered, and your customers are no exception.

Feeling inspired by this collection of package inserts? Go ahead and offer your customers a unique unpacking experience and opt for parcel inserts to complement our other branding options detailed in this article.