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TPOP makes it easy for you to add inserts to your packages: the ultimate in print-on-demand branding.

Package inserts are "goodies" that we add to your orders packages. They can be a flyer, a business card, a handwritten card...

This creates a "Whaaaouh" effect with your customers, not to mention the other branding options we offer.

Your customers receive a parcel with your logo on the packaging, your packing slip fully personalized according to your preferences (colors, social networks, thank-you message) and translated according to the country of destination (all these options are free) and, icing on the cake, a little gift inside if you decide to activate the "inserts" option.

How does it work?

This option is invoiced at €0.80 per parcel + €1 per day of storage and per storage box. Storage box dimensions are 35 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm high. Prices include 20% VAT.

An insert must weigh no more than 15 grams, have a maximum dimension of 10x15 cm (flyer size) and not be too thick so that we don't have to change the type of packaging.

When we notice that the quantity is getting low, we'll send you an email so that you can send us a new stock of inserts.

The procedure for subscribing to this option is super simple. Send us the parcel containing your inserts (please plan ahead as to quantity) to this address:

211 Plan Long
30430 Barjac

Then contact us using the application's contact bubble with a description, quantity and photo/image of what you're sending us.

When we receive your package, we'll notify you and activate the option. You will then be automatically billed every month (30 or 31 days) for the storage fee.

Please note

  • We cannot be held responsible if your package containing the inserts does not reach us.
  • If your inserts do not comply with these instructions, we will have to return them to you at your expense.
  • If you wish to cancel the option and we ship your inserts back to you, you will be charged a shipping fee.
  • If you do not wish to pay the return costs in the event of cancellation of the option, the products, depending on their nature, will be destroyed or donated to an association.
  • We are unable to personalize the products sent (for example, we cannot write a text on a card).
  • If a parcel arrives with customs duties to be paid, these will be invoiced to you.

To sum up: if your products are "classic" (business cards, flyers...), you can send them to us without fear.

Content Translations:

¿Cómo se colocan los insertos de las golosinas en los paquetes? Come si posizionano gli inserti goodie nelle confezioni? Hoe plaats je de goodie inserts in de pakjes? Come si posizionano gli inserti goodie nelle confezioni? Wie werden die Goodie-Inserts in die Pakete eingelegt?