Things to do every day

We do everything we can for you, but there are a few things you should check every day.

As you know, once the order has been placed, we take care of everything else.

To make the service as smooth and pleasant as possible for everyone, it's a good idea to consult your TPOP dashboard every day and check the status of your orders.

On the home page of our service, you'll find a nifty system of color stickers for real-time monitoring of progress.

1 - Order processing

Check that your stores' orders are present in TPOP: if there is any communication problem between the store and us, or if you have duplicated or modified a product, for example, the order may be incomplete (or not appear at all).

2 - Monitoring blocked orders

Check that none of your orders orders are blocked: if there is a payment, address or visual error, the orders orders will be blocked.

In this case, you'll need to contact your bank or change your payment method, rectify the visual or address, and resubmit the production request.

My order is blocked, what should I do if there's a payment problem?

There's no point in asking for orders to be put back into production if the problem hasn't been solved on your side.

3-Check the conformity of orders

Check that orders TPOP matches your shop's orders : if there's some kind of communication problem between your shop and us, or if you've duplicated or modified a product, for example, the order may be incomplete or not appear at all (bis).

All in all, it's very simple: just do what every good e-tailer should do on a daily basis, and make sure that everything goes smoothly, and your customers will be all the happier for it.

Content Translations:

Things to do every day Dinge die Sie jeden Tag unbedingt tun sollten Cose da fare ogni giorno Überwachung von blockierten Bestellungen, Dinge, die zu tun sind, Monitoring blocked orders, Things to do