Packaging of orders

(SPOIL: no plastic at TPOP)

First of all, we pack each order with great care and love, rest assured.

Your logo and store name are printed on each parcel (simply add your logo in the "branding" section of the platform).

The packing slip inserted in each order shows the product summary, your address, your logo, your social accounts and your personalized phrase.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, totebags and other soft goods are folded, then delicately placed in a cardboard sleeve or premium kraft envelope: your customers will be amazed at the quality of the latter.

Ceramic mugs, for their part, sit comfortably in a shockproof cardboard box.

Stationery (posters) are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes (triangular type) dedicated to this purpose.

In fact, TPOP is the first Print On Demand company in the world to ban plastic from all orders products.

We decided to create TPOP around eco-responsible products, because it would be madness to ship these lovely, environmentally-friendly products in plastic (which is still the case elsewhere, unfortunately).

Content Translations:

How are the orders packaged? Wie werden die Bestellungen verpackt?¿Cómo se embalan los pedidos?