Technical constraints

  • On your external store, never duplicate a product created by TPOP: it will not be taken into account by our system if a customer orders it from you.
  • Do not delete or modify "SKUs".
  • Do not modify or delete the variants created (size / color), do not reverse the options (do not put the size in place of color and vice versa).
  • Do not change the product type / "Distributeur" - "Vendor".
  • Do not mark your orders orders as processed: we will do this automatically. If you process your orders orders, we won't be able to update your customers' tracking numbers, and you won't be able to cancel orders from our dashboard.
  • Do not delete an ordered product from your shop until it has been dispatched: this may cause production problems.
  • If you place your orders orders manually from an external CMS, remember to select the destination country carefully (it is often forgotten): if this is not the case, you will be billed at the most expensive rate, that of a worldwide delivery.
    We cannot rectify this billing once the order has gone into production, nor can we grant refunds (the operation is costly in terms of time and labor). We therefore strongly advise you to use the platform's creation module for orders , which will save you the costs sometimes associated with external CMS.


Whatever the substrate, colors FLUO should be avoided: fluorescent rendering is not printable.

If you send us a file with integrated colors fluorescents, we'll print with the closest approximation. The same applies to any specific colors (gold, silver, mirror effect...).

White (or similar) substrates

White is never printed on white materials (t-shirts or objects) or on very light materials (such as beige t-shirts from color ).

This rule only applies to t-shirts and mugs, because if you order a sweatshirt, totebag or bodysuit, black and white will be printed. You're probably wondering why?

This is simply because we use a different printing technique for these products: DTF (Direct To Film), whereas for T-shirts we use DTG (Direct To Garment) and for objects (mugs and flasks) we use sublimation.

Black on black

For reasons of rendering and thickness of the visual, please note that the black color will never be printed on a black t-shirt: the textile's color will replace the ink.

Image quality

The higher the resolution of your image, the more detailed your product.

As far as the dimensions of your visuals are concerned, be sure to send images at least 2000 pixels wide (and 5000 pixels maximum), in 150 DPI : the rendering will be top-notch.

However, even if our printers enable us to render your visuals with the utmost precision, textiles are less defined than a sheet of paper: micro-details may not appear properly, so bear this in mind before sending your visuals.

Content Translations:

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