Package marked "delivered" not received

The carrier's tracking system indicates that the package has been delivered to the addressee, but your customer tells you that he has not received it:

If the parcel is marked "delivered", no recourse is possible.

In many cases, the parcel will have been dropped off at a neighbor's or the customer will not have a standardized mailbox: in this case, you should advise your customer to go to the nearest post office (if the carrier is La Poste), with his tracking number and a piece of identification, to collect his order.

If the mailbox is not standardized or the parcel cannot be dropped off there (because it contains too many products), the postman/deliveryman may also drop it off at the post office.

If, in spite of everything, the customer tells you that he hasn't been able to collect his parcel, the decision is yours to make: you can tell him that once the parcel has been indicated as "delivered", you are no longer able to send him a new order, or you can decide to place another manual order at your own expense.

Content Translations:

Il pacco è contrassegnato come "consegnato" ma il mio cliente non ha ricevuto l'ordine. The package is indicated as "delivered" but my customer has not received his order. El paquete está marcado como "entregado" pero mi cliente no ha recibido el pedido. Das Paket wird als "geliefert" angezeigt aber mein Kunde hat seine Bestellung nicht erhalten. Het pakket is gemarkeerd als "geleverd" maar mijn klant heeft de bestelling niet ontvangen.