Modify my Login

You can easily change the email address associated with your TPOP account.

On your TPOP dashboard, click on "Settings" then "Profile" and "Preferences".

Then, in the "Email" section, simply enter your new email address and voilà.

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Content Translations:

Hoe verander ik mijn login e-mail? How do I change my login email? ¿Cómo puedo cambiar mi correo electrónico de acceso? Wie kann ich meine Anmelde-E-Mail ändern? Come faccio a cambiare l'e-mail di accesso?

Change the login email, Ändern Sie die Anmelde-E-Mail, Modificare l'e-mail di accesso, Cambiar el correo electrónico de inicio de sesión, Ändra e-postadress för inloggning