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New feature: order release time

Sometimes you need even more speed!

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Print On Demand goes into overdrive

A brand new option: you can now define the retention period for your order before it is processed.

By default, when an order is placed on one of your shops (Etsy, Shopify or WooCommerce), we wait at least 24 hours before processing and validating it.

This allows your customers to modify their order because once it has gone into production, as you know, it cannot be modified and you will be invoiced.

However, you can now shorten this waiting period, so that we can, if possible, produce your order more quickly.

As we explain in this article (we advise you to have a look at it), this delay is indicative: the processing of your orders requires a lot of attention, it is not an automated process.

So don't expect a 3am shipment for an order placed at midnight, think of it as a way to keep lead times as short as possible, when we have the chance 😃

To change the delay, simply go to your preferences.

We had to think for a long time before finding the best way to offer this complex option, so we rely on you to realise that the time frame is just indicative.

Believe it or not, we always do our best to ship all your orders.

Be strong!

P.S.: This nice function, as you can imagine, has not been developed by Pierre, who is far too busy increasing his level in solitaire.