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Print on Demand and crowdfunding campaigns : a strong duo

Thanks to POD crowdfunding gifts, become a bit like Father Christmas (only better).

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Do you know what crowdfunding is? This mechanism is used by small projects to call for investments from individuals who wish to support the initiative and participate in its development.

In recent years, several crowdfunding platforms have appeared on the web. Among these digital platforms, real showcases of inventiveness and entrepreneurship, are the famous Ulule, Kickstarter, Kisskissbankbank, etc. On each of these websites, millions of projects have been launched by talented creators who would normally lack the necessary resources: video games have been created, music groups have been able to tour, shops have been able to open, etc.

Isn't it fantastic, the power of the internet?

Although it has been around for a few years now, this collaborative online funding method is clearly not about to lose its success: while in 2019, more than six million projects were carried out thanks to this system, experts predict no less than 12 million crowdfunding campaigns by 2023. Clearly, if you are interested in crowdfunding because you have a good idea but no means to implement it, you are on the right track.

One of the most important points when launching a campaign is thinking about the rewards you will offer to the contributor: along with the marketing strategy, this is simply the best way to encourage participation.

The compensations are the reason that will make the visitor of the page want to warm up his credit card as soon as possible. Most of these compensations will take the form of goodies, and, oh joy! Our catalogue is full of customisable products. We have every reason to believe that POD and crowdfunding are two systems in perfect harmony; let us convince you in three points.

The financial aspect: no funds, no problem

For someone who does not have the means to carry out a project that is close to his or her heart, it would be a pity to have to invest a large amount of money in a stock of goodies. Some people choose to proceed in another way by waiting for the success of the campaign to buy the rewards for its participants; here again, this method has a drawback, since the contributors will have to wait an indefinite period of time before being able to receive their goodies, or even worse: find themselves completely disappointed after not having received anything at all.

This is where Print on Demand comes in to save the day: since we offer you a strictly on-demand printing system, there is no need to invest in advance. You will only receive directly the possible difference you will have fixed between the blank product available on our application and the finished and customised contribution chosen by your contributor. For example, if you choose our mug as one of the gifts for the participants, be aware that the object will still have a cost: you will receive, after the contribution of the generous visitor, the amount of the contribution you had set minus the initial price of the mug on our app, i.e. 6.80€. If your calculations are correct, you should still be a winner anyway.

All in all, everyone is happy and the icing on the cake is that you don't go broke!

A good reward is a fast reward!

Knowing that your reward will not arrive for so long that you will have forgotten about your participation in a crowdfunding campaign is hardly a motivating prospect. Often, when contributors take part in a project, it is the promise of a goodie that makes them take the plunge; why not surprise them pleasantly and deepen their sense of belonging to the project by offering them their compensation as soon as possible? With Print on Demand, there is no need to wait forever: at TPOP, once the order has been received, it will be printed and sent within 2 to 3 days.

Another positive aspect of this express order processing time is that your valued employee will have plenty of time to advertise your project with his or her customised product. In addition to the reward aspect, this makes your contributions real communication tools to get the word out about you and your project.

A balanced ratio between gifts and different amounts of funding

Quite objectively, we have to admit that our catalogue is full of treasures. It represents a wide range of products, each one as qualitative (and ecological) as the next. That's a fact.

From this fact, we can see another advantage of choosing Print on Demand in your case: choosing your gifts from our wide range will allow you to reward your contributors at many different levels of participation. From those who will receive a set of stickers after contributing €5 to those who will proudly wear the new sweatshirt you provide them after receiving their €50 contribution, one thing is common: they will simply be fulfilled and fully charged to promote your project to dozens of potential visitors. It smells like a win/win situation.

Another positive point of the great diversity of our catalogue is the possibility to coordinate the values of your project and the rewards you propose in order to reinforce the coherence of your campaign. For example, if you want to finance your sports club, consider choosing reusable water bottles to reach the public concerned by your project. Similarly, if you want to open a shop, consider our tote bags, which can be used as shopping bags. In any case, the result will be more striking and therefore more effective if you adopt gifts in line with your brilliant idea.

We are all, absolutely all, in the same boat, and to be at the head of a crowdfunding project is to prove this truth by witnessing a solidarity movement that is both exhilarating and so touching. Why not make the most of this adventure by opting for a reward system based on Print on Demand? These two mechanisms combine and complement each other perfectly.

Get off to a happy, fun and easy start with our app, available right here.