How does print on demand work?

Simple, fast and ecological print on demand with TPOP.

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What's the exact process?

Print on demand is the possibility for you to offer a whole range of products for sale with your visuals, without having to worry about stock or shipping.

The costly hassle of stocking and managing product shipments is a distant memory, you can now launch your brand with very little investment.

Simply put, this is how our print on demand service works:

  1. Create your account on our platform
  2. You choose the products you wish to offer on your site
  3. You upload your designs in 1 click
  4. Your products are created automatically: our application will automatically create a set of ready-to-sell products on your site.

Our service allows you to push your products to your TPOP store (offered), Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, or even to pass your orders manually.

The list of integrations (an integration is the link between an online shop and our service) can be found at this address.

It's over, you don't have to do anything else. Nothing at all.

If a customer places an order in your store, he pays you directly for the amount you have defined for it, just like a traditional order.

Unlike some platforms where you only receive a small commission on the sale, with our print on demand service you receive the full amount of the sale of the product, directly into your account.

We will then automatically receive this order, print the products for you and ship them on your behalf to your customer.

You are invoiced by our platform when the order goes into production: if you cancel the order before production, you owe us nothing.

Then we take care of everything: printing, shipping, we'll even send your customers the shipping notification by email with the tracking link and then close the order for you, on your shop.

What's great is that TPOP doesn't appear anywhere, it's your brand that's featured everywhere (on the packing slip, on the parcel, on the stickers...): the ultimate in print on demand.

Example: you choose to create a t-shirt that you're going to sell for 32 EUR on your website and charge your customers 3.95 EUR for shipping.

A customer buys this t-shirt on your site, and pays you directly, into your bank account or via Paypal, the sum of 32 (t-shirt)+ 3.95 (delivery)= 35.95 EUR.

On our side, when your order goes into production, we will invoice you for this t-shirt at 12.50 EUR + 3.95 EUR delivery, i.e. 16.45 EUR

You therefore make a margin (final profit) of 35.95 - 16.45 = 19.50 EUR on this sale.

The best thing is that everything is automated.

You only have to do one thing every day: check your account on the TPOP platform to follow the progress of your orders.

Easy, isn't it?

Thanks to TPOP, print on demand has never been so easy (we say that in all modesty, eh).

Beyond the ease of use that was paramount, we designed our print-on-demand platform with the goal of offering you top quality printing at attractive prices, while providing you with responsive customer service that is willing to take the time to help you.

With our print on demand solution there is no need to spend money on stock or logistics, so you can let your imagination run wild and create thousands of designs.

We manage the printing, the stock, the shipping of your orders and we even take care of notifying your customers when the order is shipped (all on your behalf).

Launching your brand in print-on-demand with TPOP is also the assurance of benefiting from the best marketing tips and techniques thanks to our blog and newsletter.

It's a great way to launch your brand, isn't it?

All you have to do is use our friendly platform.

Now, sit back and relax at your desk, pour yourself a cup of coffee and count up your orders.

Still not sure how it works? Find out how an order works.