Bye bye Maker and FDM, welcome to Cruiser and Drummer!

Two new additions to the application and guess what? They are both made of organic cotton!

The new TPOP products: organic hoodies in print on demand.

When we put items on the app, we have several selection criteria: manufacturing quality, stock but also availability over time.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the decisions of our suppliers in advance, which is the case with the Maker, which Stanley/Stella decided to discontinue earlier than expected.

For the FDM hoodie, we decided to no longer offer it on the app for two reasons: the stock (irregular replenishment from our supplier) but also and above all for ecological reasons, as it is not made of organic cotton.

As replacements, we announce two new hoodies on our print on demand app: the Drummer and the Cruiser, both designed by Stanley/Stella.

To help you choose your new hoodie, here is a short presentation of the two new hoodies.

The Drummer, an ORGANIC sweater at an ultra-competitive price.

Hoodie TPOP in print on demand: the Drummer.

Great news: we have a new top quality sweater for a very low price.

This unisex hoodie weighs 280 g/m2 and has a very good print quality thanks to the choice of cotton and the combed surface.

It is made of 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, the fleece inside is brushed (soft to the touch).

It holds numerous eco-responsible manufacturing labels such as GOTS or Oeko-Tex, undeniable sales and marketing criteria today.

We chose to offer it in 5 colours (FDM was only available in two colours): white, black, burgundy, navy blue and heather grey.

It exists in 6 sizes (from XS to XXL) whereas FDM did not exist in XS.

Drummer tariff :

- White : 18,92 € HT (22,70 € TTC)

- Other colours: €20.25 excluding VAT (€24.30 including VAT)

This is only €1 more than the FDM sweat.

If you decide to replace your Maker range with the Drummer, you will save about 5 euros per product sold.

A great price for this Stanley/Stella organic cotton sweatshirt, visible here.

The colors Drummer hoodie.

The Cruiser: the top of the top of the mega top

Hoodie organic eco-responsible in print on demand.

This is an incredible product.

The Cruiser is a top-of-the-range hoodie with superb finishing (more elaborate seams, metal eyelets at the exit of the cords), the fleece inside the sweatshirt is brushed and it is denser than the Maker (350 g/m2 against 300 g/m2 for the Maker).

So, for those who had chosen to sell the Maker, the Cruiser is the closest hoodie to it.

There are the same metal tips on the cords, the same kangaroo pocket and a brushed fleece inside.

Like the Drummer, it has the best certifications for ecological and ethical manufacturing (GOTS, Fair Wear).

Compared to the Maker, we are adding a new color : navy blue.

The Cruiser will be available in pure white, black, burgundy and navy blue.

A high quality hoodie from TPOP, a French supplier of print on demand.

It comes in 6 sizes (XS to XXL) and has exactly the same size guide as the Maker.

The price of the Cruiser is €25 excl. tax (€30 incl. VAT), which is just one euro more than the price of the Maker.

How to manage these changes in your shops?

For those of you who have used the FDM on your shop, don't worry, when the FDM is out of stock, we will automatically replace it with the Stanley/Stella Drummer (which has already been the case for some orders).

The same goes for the Maker, which we replace with the Cruiser when there are no more parts in stock.

The only drawback for the Maker is that the mottled white has been replaced by the pure white of the Cruiser.

In these cases, we will pay the difference in price.

On March 9, 2020, we will no longer be able to honor the orders FDM and Maker sweatshirts.

From this date, if you decide not to update your product sheets, when an order contains one of these hoodies, we will ship your customers the Drummer instead.

In the meantime, we suggest that you launch your new 2020 collection by integrating these great new sweatshirts into your shops.

Take care!