Ethnic Shopping by Native Spirit, between style and eco-responsibility

For this back to school season, impress your friends with this new tote bag to be personalised in 100% recycled textile.

Stanley Stella + Print on demand with TPOP.

Even if you're past school age, September always has a certain air of renewal about it, doesn't it? Well, we've chosen this time of year to introduce you to a brand new item from Native Spirit: a tote bag with an ornate handle and mega-trendy potential, and because nothing is too good for you, it's made entirely of recycled fabric.

If you're a regular on our platform, first of all: we love you, but you may also have noticed that this is the first Native Spirit product.

The reason is simple: this is the beginning of a brand new collaboration with this supplier who shares a central value with us: respect for the planet. This brand makes it a point of honour to offer a catalogue of high quality essentials, made entirely from organic or recycled textiles, in original colours and contemporary cuts that would normally be difficult to find on the market. We are absolutely delighted to offer you this item, which is in total agreement with our environmental convictions, and is a real nugget.

Come on, enough of this stomping around, give him a proper welcome:

Ethnic Shopping, recycled tote-bag with patterned handles

Customised Totebag: Products made from recycled and organic textiles on TPOP, the eco-friendly POD service.

Back in the daily routine, the desire to travel doesn't seem to leave you? Do you still have your toes in the air and the sound of the waves in your ears? Many people are in this situation. Fortunately, theEthnic Shopping, a tote bag designed by Native Spirit, is there to bring a nice dose of exoticism to the lovers of the bohemian life. Its graphic and contrasting handles make it a trendy piece, and we are very proud to have it in our catalogue.

We offer two versions of this product: the tote bag with the redhandle and the one with theblue handle, as shown above. They are made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester. The cotton is a pre-consumer recycled textile, i.e. made from textile scraps that have never been used, while the polyester is post-consumer (i.e. it has been recycled after use). The Ethnic Shopping-bag represents simply the top of eco-responsibility, and it is proven: it benefits from the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificate as well as the Vegan label delivered by the EVE (Expertise Végane Europe).

Customised tote bag from Native Spirit, print on demand.

This piece of character perfectly combines style and practicality: the size of its handles (4.5cm wide and 60cm long) has been specially designed to guarantee optimal comfort to its owner. Made of high quality canvas material, its sturdiness makes it an ideal ally for everyday life, both for shopping and for work. To top it all off, it has an inside pocket for storage, which is rare among canvas bags on the market.
As if it didn't have enough qualities, this tote-bag is available on our application for the low price of 10.45 € HT: this will allow you to make a nice profit while offering your customers a good quality/price ratio. Really, what an incredible product... All it needs is your design.

We are always very careful when selecting new products to join our catalogue: between our environmental requirements, consideration of current trends and your needs, many criteria are taken into account during this process. In addition, it should be noted that all our new additions are added directly to our stock: this is the case for ALL our products, all of which are in our warehouse, so that your orders can be printed and shipped as quickly as possible. This is one of the great qualities of our service, compared to other suppliers who often have to order blank products for each order. So we don't mess around with the choice of our new products to customise.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we present you with this abso-lutely perfect article, which is both so in line with our values AND with the tastes of the public. We know (or at least we hope very much) that you will enjoy it and be as inspired as we are. So get to your keyboards and mice: the realm of graphic design is waiting for you.