New: an oversized T-shirt for men designed by Native Spirit

It's beautiful, it's fashionable, it's recycled: it has everything to please.

Fashionable all occasion T-shirt for men by Native Spirit, available in our Print on Demand service.

Ah, the emblematic t-shirt... We may present a diversified catalogue, but we have to admit that it remains a flagship item in our service. Its ideal surface for printing, its simplicity, its popularity, its timelessness... all these criteria make it the ideal support for your graphic works.

As you know, trends come and go at an ever increasing pace. Whereas fashion used to be divided into two distinct seasons (spring/summer and autumn/winter), many collections now come and go in shops. It is not uncommon to see clothes being replaced sometimes only a few weeks after they have been put on the shelf.

It is important to us to offer items that are in line with current fashion, so that you can compete with the big players in retail. The choice of our latest product is definitely in line with this desire to offer you silhouettes that are in perfect harmony with what is selling best in shops. Give this great new product a warm welcome...

The ultimate urban t-shirt, by Native Spirit

An oversized t-shirt available in our print on demand service.
In real life: folded sleeves, it is super trendy.

We are very excited to present this piece designed by Native Spirita brand that has very recently joined the ranks of our suppliers, whose values of respect for the environment and workers are perfectly in line with our own convictions. If the name of this new supplier rings a bell, it's perhaps because it is also behind one of the latest additions to our range: the fantastic and very unique Ethnic Shopping that we recently presented to you in an article:

New product: a tote-bag made of recycled textile by Native Spirit
For this back to school season, impress your friends with this new tote bag to be personalised in 100% recycled textile.

So this time we present you with a men's t-shirt that has simply gigantic potential. Comfortable, stylish and organic, this men's t-shirt ticks all the boxes to become an iconic piece in your range. It's totally in line with current trends by combining a relaxed fit with drop sleeves. If you're looking for something young and fashionable, look no further, this is it.

The perfect symbol of a casual and contemporary look, it will be the perfect partner for your customers for their skateboarding outings as well as their evenings with friends.

This product has the great, enormous advantage of being entirely ecological, since it is made of 90% organic cotton and 10% post-consumer recycled cotton; it also holds the OEKO-TEX®, OCS (Organic Content Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claimed Standard) certifications. Another important point: this product is guaranteed 100% Vegan by EVE (Expertise Végane Europe).

This t-shirt combines high quality with a soft feel and neat finishing, including a nice tonal ribbed neckline. The weight is 200 g/m2, which makes it a fairly thick item and ideal for mid-season, to be worn under a sweater or a light jacket.

High quality organic and recycled cotton t-shirt to decorate with a graphic design.

You can find it in the catalogue of our print-on-demand service in three colours: black, white and in the bright yellow of the visuals above, a shade with a Californian and sunny atmosphere that has been a hit since its release. This t-shirt is available in several sizes: from XS to XXL, so you won't be jealous and your customers will be happy.

Several criteria are combined to make this t-shirt the perfect partner for your masterpieces. First of all, it is equipped with only a small, discreet chip on the collar, mentioning its organic cotton and recycled cotton logos, optimising the personalisation and embodiment of your brand image to the maximum. In addition, its oversized silhouette ensures that there is plenty of room for your fabulous designs to be printed.

This product will surprise you with its price: it costs only €16.50 plus VAT. Given its high quality, ultra-modern cut and its compliance with ecological requirements, this initial price gives you the possibility of making a large profit margin for you and your business, while delighting your customers. If that isn't beautiful.

We don't spend a lot of time announcing the arrival of new products in our catalogue, because we take this selection task very seriously: every single one of our products, without exception, is available to us from stock as soon as we add it to our range.

This is one of the reasons why our production times are unrivalled.
At TPOP, we like to focus on quality rather than quantity, and this t-shirt is no exception to the rule. Between aesthetics and eco-responsibility, this one is the ideal candidate to embody and enhance your brand image in beauty. We hope it will provide you with plenty of inspiration and profit...

See you soon, take care.