A sustainable product: an aluminium bottle

A really good gourd to drink while walking in the lush nature. At least, that's how it is at home, but it's just as refreshing when you go to La Défense in Paris.

New product in print on demand: the aluminium water bottle.

A pretty nice product

As you can probably guess, at TPOP we are very sensitive to environmental issues and our ecological footprint.

We want to offer you the best in terms of quality but also in terms of durability.

As you know, plastic is now a material to be banned, especially if it is to be used for single-use items.

The aluminium bottle is a durable product that allows you to no longer use disposable glasses or plastic bottles.

The one we offer on the application is made from aluminium, is certified by SGS, and has no trace of bisphenol or lead. There is simply a special white varnish that is added so that you can sublimate your beautiful graphics.

We have also tested its printability: its smooth and shiny surface gives a brilliant rendering of colors and the print is resistant over time (a suggestion though: do not put it in the dishwasher).

It has a water bottle mouthpiece, a stopper if you use it as a bottle and a carabiner. It has a capacity of 500ml and a height of 19 cm.


Finally, with the gourd, two types of printing are possible on the application:

  • Your design printed on one side. Just go to accessories, then "Bottle". You choose the first label, which says "Bottle".
  • If you choose the second sticker "Bottle/Aluminium bottle - Circular print", your design will be printed on the (almost) full circle of the bottle.

Attention: for the second type of printing, it is important to check in "Preview" the rendering of your visual on the gourd before validating the product on your site.

You have a total of three images to review (see below). In order to get your design fully printed, you may need to adjust it in the placement stage.

overview-tpop bottle

We hope you will enjoy this new printing method and help you sell thousands of bottles!

By the way, we have also added circular printing on the glazed metal mugs and it is coming soon on the ceramic mugs.

Really, we pamper you, but we love you so much...