An organic cotton + made in France t-shirt.

The dream product: an organic cotton t-shirt made in France.

The Made in France organic t-shirt.

We know that you already liked us a lot (typical female modesty), but with what we're announcing today, you're going to love us...

This is the 100% organic cotton t-shirt made in France.

Yes, yes, you read that right: the cotton (harvested in North America, since as you already know, there are no cotton fields in France, at least not enough for continuous textile production) is dyed and knitted in the Loire, then cut and made in a French workshop, located in the lovely department of Tarn.

Available in white only, for the moment, this beautiful cut and sewn t-shirt is available in both men's and women's versions. The weight is 170 g/m2, which gives it a certain thickness and makes it perfectly suited to the winter season.

An organic t-shirt made in France.

This made in France t-shirt is made from organic cotton, certified OCS100 by Ecocert Greenlife. It has also obtained the Origine France Garantie label, which ensures the customer traceability of the product and increased visibility of French companies.

This label is based on two criteria: a minimum of 50% of the unit cost of manufacture is of French origin and the product takes its essential characteristics in France.

Prices: the made in France t-shirt for men is 19.70 € HT and the made in France t-shirt for women is 17.90 € HT.

Not only can you personalise it on a nice flat mockup, but also on beautiful mannequins: we're thinking of you, this product is exclusive in the world of print on demand.

Don't forget, this made in France organic product is an extraordinary item that can be sold for between €40 and €60 without any problem: don't hesitate to press on what makes this product exceptional.

It's up to you now to offer this product in France of course, but also beyond the borders, the French know-how in the field of fashion and ready-to-wear is recognized worldwide.

See you soon, good sales to you, you are the best 😎