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We're living in an age of instantaneity. We want it all, right now: no, we want it all 5 minutes before we even think about it. In some areas, it's even possible to have parcels delivered on Sundays. SUNDAY. The day when tradition dictates that you don't put a toe outside your sofa (if only to get more cereal to put in your leftover milk). And what about the staggering increase in orders online? We'll give you 1000 proof that it's mainly due to fast fashion. There she goes again... Ah, we're not in favor of violence, but if we could get her off our backsides, we wouldn't hesitate!

As you can imagine, all this parcel shipping has an impact on the planet. Rather than call it a day and live on love, fresh water and patched burlap clothes, TPOP is taking up the challenge of helping to make e-commerce transport more environmentally friendly, in particular by working 95% with the French Post Office, the WORLD's first carbon-neutral postal operator. Oui m'sieurs dames...

"Wow, this is really great! "

You don't know what that means, do you?

"Not really, no..."

We thought so! We'll explain it all to you in Simone's electric car!

Far less harmful to the planet

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The big problem with parcel delivery is greenhouse gas pollution. As their name suggests, these gases trap heat in our atmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse effect, the very thing that means you'll be teleworking in your shorts come May. And if nothing changes, it's because of him that we won't be teleworking AT ALL, and not because we'll all be back in the office... But because offices and all traces of human presence will no longer exist.

But as you know, it's not exactly our style to give up, and our mode of transport provided by the French Post Office is precisely the image of the future we dream of for our planet: a healthier, more breathable, fresher planet. Between 2013 and 2022, all our partner's actions have led to a 42% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per parcel. What kind of witchcraft is this? Well, it's not witchcraft, it's the accumulation of actions...

  • Saving space in lorries, down to around 4,500 parcels per lorry, representing a projected saving of 7,000 tonnes of cumulative CO2 between 2021 and 2030 (ah if we knew how to tidy up so well, we'd finally be able to open our cupboards without fear of being knocked out by the full Arabesque);
  • Limiting the number of kilometers traveled by optimizing routes and road links. As the saying goes: drive well, drive smart! What do you mean, "nobody says that"?
  • The use of clean energies such as alternative fuels or electric vehicles, which make up no less than 33% of La Poste's fleet. This makes it one of the leading electric fleets in Europe. You didn't think we weren't going to offer you the best, did you? La Poste goes even further, using cargo bikes for first- and last-mile deliveries. The ultimate inSustainability.

A few decades ago, we imagined streets packed with flying cars in 2023. We didn't know it then, but in 2023, we've got something better: a conceivable future for the planet. All thanks to electric vehicles, trucks that don't pollute, bicycles that deliver parcels: the very ones used by the French Post Office... What a pleasure to have chosen the side of our beautiful blue planet.

An impact offset by lots of great actions

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As you know, there's no one more optimistic than us. We're convinced that anything, ANYTHING, is possible. Sometimes, however, you just have to let go and accept the inevitable situation in order to manage it better. For example, when you miss your bus by a handful of seconds and see the driver restarting, more determined than ever to get to the next green light... Of course, you could run, hoping to catch up with his 40KM/H pace on the strength of your legs alone. Or you could wait for the next one and save yourself the frustration, the breathlessness, the frightening realization that you're getting old.

Our bus leaving without us means carbon emissions from deliveries. At the moment, it's impossible to avoid them altogether... While we wait (and cross our fingers) for the time when it will be, our delivery partner is getting busy. He's doing his bit for the planet, offsetting his emissions by funding a whole range of beautiful projects that pamper the Earth, including :

  • Reduced deforestation (over 350,000 hectares of forest preserved);
  • Reduced logging (more than 550,000 tonnes of wood avoided);
  • Access to renewable energy for over 4 million families;
  • Protecting endangered species (over 50 species, including, as you can imagine, some super-cute ones)...

And because human beings are part of the Earth, and it would be nice if these two could go a little further together, La Poste has also been involved in projects with economic and social implications, providing access to drinking water for over 4.5 million people, creating over 10,000 local jobs, and providing schooling for over 3,500 people kids, and much more besides.

Because yes, we're far from having listed everything: La Poste is active on a simply breathtaking variety of levels. And do you know what? So do you. If we work together, these projects are also yours. Proud of yourself? You should be.

It will appeal to your customers

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We're a few light years away from the ecological issue, but hey, that doesn't mean it's not important. We're talking about your brand, your success, your bank account. Your ability to FINALLY afford the bread machine of your dreams. And then regret it after nearly smothering your family with overcooked bread. Now that's something! So yes, we can see it as a criterion that counts: green transport could give your sales a nice boost...

50% of consumers say they are very interested in eco-responsible delivery methods

In 2022, the prestigious research firm Descartes tells us that consumers are paying increasing attention to the ecological impact of their deliveries. Over 50% of them even say they are very interested in eco-responsible delivery methods... But they don't want to give up the comfort of home delivery. At the same time, we understand them. Crossing town to get to the relay point? Which is often a gloomy tobacconist's shop smelling of sausages and 10 years' worth of spilt beer? No one would want to do that.

So yes: consumers want to be able to respect the planet without compromise. This means, for example, that the vehicles they use to deliver their goods must be electric or environmentally friendly, like... Yes, like the Post Office's vehicles. Imagine how happy your customers will be when they see an electric delivery van! And don't even get me started on cargo bikes: it just doesn't get any greener than this. Except maybe Santa's sleigh, but that's because it "doesn't exist" and "we'll have to grow up some day".

La Poste, partner of the free and easy e-commerce service TPOP

TPOP and La Poste are a close-knit partnership... And it's not just that: since the very beginning of the adventure - already over 7 years ago, we're not getting any younger! - we've been proudly walking alongside this heavyweight in green transport, hand in hand, along the path of virtuous e-commerce for a healthy planet. Are you with us?