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5 reasons to place manual orders

It's in the mail: here's when it makes sense to have your products sent to your home.

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Print on Demand is great. It's brilliant. It's beautiful. It's so beautiful that if it had a face, it would be that of Leonado Dicaprio in Titanic. Or Margot Robbie. In any case, we could finally display his portrait everywhere in our homes, because we're such FANS of Print on Demand.

We're getting a bit carried away, but there's good reason for it. This business model opens the doors to the world of e-commerce, which used to be awfully hard to push. No need to invest in stock or free up space to start selling. Between that and, oh, by chance, TPOP's 2-minute store creation, selling hasn't been this easy since tombola tickets in fifth grade.

Now, despite our lééééééger enthusiasm for POD, did you know that we also print for private individuals?

Yes: we can also send parcels to your home. Of course, because there are many cases where this is necessary. Take, for example...

To celebrate a special event

There are times in life when you have a message to get across, loud and clear. Rather than shouting it out (frowned upon in society), what could be better than a printed t-shirt or a tote-bag?

Take, for example, your town's spring fair, which your association for the protection of wetlands has been patiently waiting for precisely 364 days. To shine, it's now or never.

We've got just the thing to change everything: a garment or accessory decorated with your logo. Yes, it's as simple as that. But 2,400 pairs of eyes will see your logo and remember it for the rest of the year! It's as effective as those planes that carry advertising messages through the sky, only better, because planes aren't allowed in your town's exhibition hall.

And even beyond the advertising aspect, printed products can fulfil the important mission of bringing teams together and unifying them... In a formal or less formal space, for that matter! At your cousin's bachelorette party, for example, the printed t-shirt will be ideal, both for unifying the group and for finding Melanie at the back of the nightclub (still fluttering, that one).

To take your own product photos

The most obvious solution for presenting your products in your online store? Mock-ups, of course: those ready-made product photos offered by sites that automatically paste our designs onto them, so practical.

So, don't get us wrong, we love mock-ups. There are some GREAT ones out there (hello, the mock-ups on our platform). Some, however, can be a little unnatural. Take this one, for example:

These two people come knocking on your door, introduce themselves as your new neighbors and invite you over for a meal. You reply:

A. With pleasure!
B. Yes, but I'm bringing my 3 Dobermans.
C. Under NO circumstances should you accept. They're obviously not human, come from a hostile reptilian planet and are called Skuburlugru III and Patricia respectively.

Answer C is the right one, of course, because these individuals are perfect. But nobody's perfect! People know that. You'd be surprised how much the public favors authenticity over polished perfection. So to give your photos a more personal touch, order your products and capture them yourself!

As a gift for loved ones...

There's nothing, nothing better than receiving a personalized gift. In addition to being a gift, which in itself is GREAT, it reminds us that yes, our loved ones know us. Yes, we're important. Yes, we're unique.

There are stores selling objects that can be personalized with the name of the person concerned, and others offering mega-targeted products. But is it possible to go even further in personalization than a "My name is (insert name here) and I love (insert hobby here)" t-shirt? Or a "My little coffee before my day as a tractor-trailer driver" mug? Knowing that these two products alone have accumulated 14,733 previous purchases...

The answer is: yes, it's possible. All you need to do is :

☑ A great Print on Demand platform
☑ A loved one to spoil
☑ Visual creation software (Canva can do the trick)
☑ A resourceful person, which is, of course, you. Shhhhh don't be modest, we've seen you open a bottle of wine with a paper towel roll!

Ah, so you've got everything in your cupboards? Fabulous! Mix it all together and in just a few minutes you'll have the most personalized gift your loved one has ever received. A real treat.

...And a gift for yourself!

Have you noticed? We always find a reason to give ourselves a little present.

We've had a good week, we're proud of ourselves? We deserve a little present.

We've had a bad week, we're feeling down? We deserve a little present.

And that's normal: whether it's been a good week, a bad week or simply a week without any particular event, we always deserve to be rewarded. Because we do our best.

So if you want to treat yourself, there's only one thing to say: go for it! Oh no, not just one thing, two in fact: treat yourself even more and hit the bull's-eye by going to the platform and making yourself the t-shirt of your dreams, the mug of your dreams, the gourd of your dreams (you have the right to dream of a gourd, we don't judge).

To control product quality

In Print on Demand, you could sell without ever having seen or touched your product in real life. You could.

Except that just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. You could go to your niece's christening dressed as a Madeleine, but we wouldn't advise you to.

You shouldn't sell without knowing exactly what you're selling! Of course, we provide you with product photos of the highest possible quality, but there's no denying it: many things are not reflected in a photo... Finishes, for example, the feel of a product, its seams, but also how the visual looks when printed. So hurry up, protect yourself from any surprises and avoid the wrath of your customers by ordering your product yourself. You can thank us later. Or right now, if you like, we'd love to hear from you.

See? There's much more to using our printing service. In fact, there's much more than 5. It's like a Swiss Army knife! That's even better, because everyone only uses the Swiss Army Knife for one thing (the corkscrew).

Try it for yourself: in just a few clicks, design your own products and have them delivered to your mailbox.