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A new women's V-neck t-shirt in the catalog

Style at top speed...

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A new addition to the TPOP catalog?

But didn't something new come out last week?

Yes. And yes, too. We warned you: with V3, there's more to come.

Ready to unglue? We present the next star of your range in 3, 2, 1...

Women's V-neck t-shirt

Think you're looking at a simple T-shirt? Well, not exactly.
No, don't go looking for your glasses! It's a t-shirt, but more importantly...

It's a real asset to your brand. Made from 100% cotton conversion fabric, its 145 g/m² weight will be ideal for those still-warm mid-season days, or worn under a sweater when the need to bundle up arises. Its inimitably soft feel will embrace your customers gently, like an Ewok hug (or a friendly bear, for the less geeky among you). And the options at color ? From classic White to timeless Black to versatile Navy, your customers will be able to express their style just the way they want. In short, this product is of such high quality that it can only serve you well as a proud representative of your brand.

That's already a lot, but it doesn't stop there. This beauty is also the perfect blank canvas for a designer. With front and back printing areas to leave plenty of room for your imagination. Branding kings will also find something to their liking, with a collar branding slot that's just a click away.

And as if all that weren't enough, this V-neck also features :

A step towards more sustainable fashion

Both our t-shirts are made from cotton in conversion. What exactly is conversion cotton? Well, it's cotton in the process of being converted from conventional to organic cultivation. To do this, it has to meet the same stringent requirements as its certified organic counterparts. The problem is, it can take up to three years to obtain this precious certification... In the meantime, our brave farmers peel back the fat and sweat it out to adopt more responsible practices.

During this 3-year period, these fields can be used to produce clean, high-quality cotton that respects the planet: in-conversion cotton. We're delighted to introduce you to this noble material: for us, it's not just about supporting responsible agriculture, it's about encouraging it.

And let's face it: this kind of material isn't just good for the planet, it's good for your brand too. It's good for your brand too.

Organic cotton garments are quality pieces. Quality pieces are designed to... last! Just imagine, clothes that last for years rather than seasons. Not only will your customers be delighted with the exceptional quality, they'll also remember you as the brand that helped them make eco-friendly choices AND save money in the long run. So sell sustainable: it's a win-win.

... And to fashion itself

It's not for nothing that the V-neck t-shirt is a loyal subscriber to fashion magazines. This silhouette is simply the ideal option for a casual look. Paired with shorts or jeans, it doesn't matter! Its versatility will complement any outfit, in any style. More oversized in the streetwear trend, more slim-fitting in its more classic version, it's a real chameleon.

The V-neck is also renowned for its morphological boost: it has the magical ability to flatter a wide variety of silhouettes thanks to its cleverly plunging neckline. This creates an illusion of length, making the neck appear longer and the torso slimmer. It's like fashion's optical illusion: "Ta-da! I'm taller and slimmer! An illusion that works even after winter and its melted cheese parade. That says a lot about its effectiveness.

For those with larger breasts, V-necks allow a tasteful peek at the décolleté and clavicles... And more generally, this little V has a great power: that of offering a real space for expression, a real spotlight for what you want to show off, whether it's your décolleté, a piece of jewelry or your bushy torso (to each his own)!

We could go on for a looooooong time extolling the virtues of our V-neck t-shirts.

But there's only one thing we're sure you'll agree on...