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The long-sleeved t-shirts made form 100% organic cotton have landed.

They are beautiful, they are warm, they are too good.

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You asked for them, so here they are, the famous 100% organic cotton long-sleeved t-shirts.

Let's face it: they are of impeccable quality.

Finish, feel, printability, it's the best of the best for your brand.

We have chosen to add two references from the Stanley/Stella catalogue.

1. The Singer, the organic long-sleeved t-shirt for women

This is a 120 g/m2 (ultra light) long sleeve top for women with a nice slightly flared collar, made from organic spun and combed cotton (for optimal digital printing).

It is available in 5 sizes, from XS to XL.

Its price :

  • In white: 13.25 € (15.90 € incl. VAT)
  • In black: 14.42 € without VAT (17.30 € including VAT)

2. The Shuffler, the organic long-sleeved t-shirt for men

As you may have guessed, this is a men's long-sleeved shirt, 180 g/m2 (thicker than the women's cut), made from organic spun and combed cotton.

It is available in 6 sizes: from S to 3XL.

Its price :

  • In white: 13.75 € (16.50 € incl. VAT)
  • In black: 14.92 € (17.90 € incl. VAT)

We offer them in two colours: black and white.

I can see that you are already saying to yourself: "but why not more colors ?

We know you well, don't we?

Simply because they are the twobest-selling and most "all-purpose" colors : they are easier to wear than all the other colors and correspond to the tastes of the majority of people. At work, on a night out, or as a gift, white and black are a safe bet.

This means a large stock at the manufacturer's, which implies easy and quick replenishment: this is an important argument when you are doing print on demand.

As always, these products are stocked in-house, we have a huge buffer stock to ensure fast shipping.

A short delivery time = a happy customer.