What is Print On Demand?

Print on demand, an innovative and ecological model: discover print on demand with TPOP.

Print on demand: quick and easy, environmentally friendly customised products delivered worldwide.

Print on Demand is a 100% automated sales system that has experienced incredible (and justified) growth over the last ten years.

As a sub-domain of Dropshipping, Print on Demand allows you to monetize and distribute your creations by affixing them to physical products of all kinds, from textiles (t-shirts, sweaters, etc.) to various accessories (water bottles, mugs, etc.).

The big plus of this business model? No need to complicate your life with inventory management and product shipping. All products are printed and shipped from us to your customer under your brand name, without you having to store anything, so there's no initial investment or financial risk on your side.

Life is beautiful.

A simple to understand model

Print On Demand, environmentally friendly, from Europe to the world.
  1. You create your online sales site
  2. The customer visits your site
  3. He orders one or more items
  4. We print and ship his order, on your behalf

Who is Print On Demand for?

Print on Demand is a business model that can be extremely interesting for a variety of profiles:

Graphic designers, illustrators and other self-employed workers

Do you have some creative inspiration or marketing talent and want to put your visuals on products to monetize your business? POD is an excellent choice.

Artists who already have a Fanbase

You are an influencer, a Youtuber or an author, and you want to take advantage of your popularity and offer your audience the possibility to show their support through the purchase of merchandising (also called derivative products).

Crowdfunding campaigns

You want to launch a crowdfunding campaign for your project? It is often necessary to set up counterparts, t-shirts, mugs etc. With print on demand, there is no need to pay in advance or manage stock, it's magic.

Companies, associations and communities

At the head of a professional activity, you wish to make team-building (team building in French) and to gather your collaborators around colors and the global image of your company thanks to personalized products.

With Print on Demand, whatever your situation, creating your brand or launching your product line has never been easier or more accessible.

Why Print On Demand?

It's a system with many advantages. Let's take a look at them together:

Time savings

We know that time is a precious resource for any designer. Print On Demand allows you to skip the chores of production, logistics, packaging and shipping of your orders, allowing you to spend more time on your design and marketing strategy.

Saving money

Digital printing and sublimation require expensive equipment, and this type of investment may not be viable for self-employed entrepreneurs and designers. Fortunately, all these machines are already here, ready to be launched for the printing of your fabulous products, while you, on your side, will only need a computer and an internet Login .

Minimal risk

With Print On Demand as the name so aptly suggests, your products will be manufactured according to customer demand. So, with no physical stock, there's no risk of unsold stock being lost.

Real environmental benefits

This is also what makes this system a true friend of the planet, as it differs from the highly polluting mass production.
In addition, we do our best to offer the most environmentally friendly service, offering clean products and plastic-free shipping.

There are many good reasons to embark on the Print on Demand adventure. But there's no need to rush into it: first of all, let's take a look at how to get your first item on sale.

Print On Demand, yes, but how does it work?

1. Create your account on our platform

We know you like soft solutions for your budget, which is exactly why our application is completely free, with no fees or subscriptions.

2. Choosing the products you want to sell

Our catalog is full of high quality, eco-friendly gems to boot.
From t-shirts to mugs to pillows and personalized covers, it's up to you to select which products will be the most appropriate to accompany your designs and represent your brand.

3. Sending your visuals

Congratulations, your visuals are ready! They look great. Now it's time to load them in 1 click on the dedicated page of our site.

4. Automatic creation of products in your store by our print on demand platform

This can be linked to various platforms such as Shopify, Etsy and WooCommerce, or of course to your TPOP store (offered when you create your account).

The list of integrations available via our print on demand platform can be found here.

No online store? No problem, we've got it for you: TPOP can set up your store in just a few minutes, free of charge.

5. 1st order from a customer on your store (bravo!)

Like a traditional order, you receive the amount paid by the customer for the product sold. On our side, we get notified about the order to be printed, packed and shipped. You won't be invoiced until the order has gone into production in our workshop, at which point you'll be left with the nice margin you'd previously allowed for this item.


You choose to create a t-shirt that you'll sell for €30 on your website and charge your customers €3 for shipping.

A customer buys this t-shirt on your site, and pays you directly, into your bank account or via Paypal, the sum of 30 + 3 = 33 €.

For our part, when your order goes into production, we will invoice you for this t-shirt at 12.50 € + 3.95 for delivery, i.e. 16.45 €.

You therefore make a margin (final profit) of 33 - 16.45 = 16.55 € on this sale.

That's all there is to it. You don't have to do anything else. Piece of cake, isn't it?

But why choose TPOP?

TPOP represents the best print-on-demand solution, and we say that with complete objectivity (hahum).


First and foremost for our platform and its ease of use.
This was one of our bets when we designed our platform; to offer our users the possibility of experiencing an easy and intuitive Print on Demand.
Today, it is with great pride that we can say that this bet has been met.

When we launched TPOP, one of our other objectives was to offer top-notch service, both in terms ofprinting and technical support. We wanted to set the record straight: just because a system is automated doesn't mean it's devoid of humanity and expertise. Here again, it's clear that we have a proven track record: our service is fast (validation and printing of your order in 3 days on average), our technical support super-available and our printing high quality.

TPOP is also a company that has placed the environment at the heart of its concerns since day 1: not because it is good for the image, but because this issue is really important to the team. So we offer a wide range of eco-responsible and ethical products, in line with our values.

Similarly, we are the forerunners in the field of zero plastic: our packaging is guaranteed zero plastic, from the adhesive to the cardboard envelopes, 100% recycled and recyclable.

Finally, we offer you a wide range of branding (or personalization) options, most of which are completely free of charge; from personalized packing slips to your own logo on parcels, to inserts lovingly applied by our team, there are plenty of ways to show your customers that you're bending over backwards for their benefit.


How does it work in practice to add a shop?

Once you've created your TPOP account, if you already have an existing store, you can easily add it, whether it's Shopify, Etsy or WooCommerce.
In just a few clicks, it will be synchronized with your TPOP account.
You can then easily create new products, thanks to our magical customization tool: create your products in just a few minutes.
From now on, when an order is placed on your store, TPOP will take care of production and shipping: that's the magic of print-on-demand by TPOP.

Are you really offering a free store?

We offer you, free of charge, an online sales store - YOUR sales store. It's super-optimized and extremely easy to use.

How much does print-on-demand cost?

Our print on demand platform is totally free to use. No upfront costs, no minimums or monthly fees.
You'll be billed simply when we ship a product created by our platform that you've sold on your store.

What are the shipping times?

The shipping times are short: from the moment the order is placed, the order is dispatched within 48 hours on average. It is then delivered quickly to your customer: we work with the best transporters.

How often are new products added?

Our product catalogue is constantly evolving. The main feature for a product to be added is its quality: we only use ethically produced, responsible products with the best possible design criteria.

Where can I ship to?

Everywhere. We'll ship to your customers anywhere in the world: internationalize your brand, and we'll deliver your lovely orders products to any destination.
Our delivery rates are the lowest in the print on demand market, despite our top-quality, carbon-neutral delivery service.

So, convinced?

You seem charmed, or at least we hope so.

Go ahead, create your TPOP account: e-commerce and print on demand are waiting for you!