The 5 graphic trends to follow in 2021

A lack of inspiration happens to everyone, even the best. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

Graphic trends in Print On Demand in 2021.

Design trends come and go, and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with them because they are so ephemeral. Every year, common themes and aesthetics emerge in the world of graphic art and find their way into a host of formats; this is particularly visible in the Print on Demand sector, where vendors have to adapt to the tastes of the public in order to be successful.

Following the trends is an opportunity to get known when you are a designer looking for visibility; it is also extremely relevant when you are in the Print on Demand business. And yes: no stock, so you don't have to stock your catalogue with out-of-date products just because you still have some on hand, you can make a fortune by living by the trends.

Because we know that it can be complicated to find the sources on which to base yourself in order to know what works best, it is with joy and good humour that we come to direct you in this article conceived especially for you, the creators in search of inspiration. Let's take a look at the top five trends we've seen in the graphic design world this year.

1 / The disordered typography

The latest graphic design trends for Print on Demand shops.

After the power of words, the power of lettering: in 2021, the art of typography is stronger and more artistic than ever.

More specifically, the trend is towards disorganisation and movement: a distorted effect, font variations, inverted letters, etc. Anything is possible to appeal to your potential customer. If you wish to follow this current trend, remember to adapt the size of the print of your visual in order to allow good readability.

A message as philosophical as it is aesthetic? We say yes. And the good news is: so will your audience.

2 / Nature and animals

Graphic trends in POD.

It is constant, it is our pillar: it is nature. This theme has the great advantage of appealing to a wide audience, since it obviously brings us all together. Moreover, after spending so many months cooped up, the idea of enjoying our dear mother nature has the makings of giving us a breath of fresh air.

Pine trees, tree leaves, woodland and misty landscapes - these visuals are inspiring a lot of customers looking for the kind of atmosphere that smells like autumn and afternoons wrapped up in a blanket.

Within the imagery of nature, we can't forget, of course, our faithful friends the animals. Wild or domesticated, they know how to delight both kids and the older ones, which makes them excellent sources of inspiration for designers. Among all the various species, cats are the great favorites of graphic art this year, real mascots for many consumers: the proof, according to the site PlaceItthe keyword "cat" was the most searched for in May 2021 in stores selling Print on Demand products.

Beyond the image of the cute mascot that the cat embodies, the animal can be represented in a more majestic form. Species with a certain symbolism such as the fox, the wolf, the eagle or the bear are very good candidates for this kind of representation.

3 / The colors

Discover the trends in print-on-demand.

In these hectic times, a little softness and delicacy doesn't hurt. This can be seen in some of the most popular designs of the last few months; whether in nude or pastel tones, the palettes of colors are very subtle, with a real sense of calm and naturalness.

When you see these nuances, you can't help but feel an air of deep serenity, and we really don't mind. Bring a touch of tenderness to your customers' daily lives, they deserve it.

4 / Retro influences

The best trends in graphic design for 2021.

Fashion is a very cyclical concept: it draws heavily on past trends to evolve. This is particularly true when we look at the patterns that have been working with consumers lately. Clearly, nostalgia is in: from the sunny disco aesthetic of the 70s to the fluorescent, retro-futuristic patterns of the 80s, designers are taking a lot of notes from past decades to create their pieces. Sunsets, palm trees, colors ... Let yourself be carried away by the vintage wave by drawing on these many inspirations and sell thousands of pieces.

5 / Geometric shapes

The best graphic ideas for the pod in 2021.

Very pop and memorable, geometric shapes are making a comeback in graphic art this year. They make it easy to design a visual while still maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic, which is clearly not insignificant. The key to this geometric style is to find a certain balance in your composition and instead opt for bright palettes of colors to catch the eye and leave a mark on the mind. Once you've met these requirements, you're free to go! Enjoy yourself.

It may not be possible to predict what the future of graphic arts will bring; however, enough research can be done to define what is catching the attention of consumers. With this article, we've saved you hours of research and brought these wells of inspiration directly to you on a platter. Now it's your turn to create! You'll thank us later.