How to embrace the 90's trend in 2022?

A pinch of pop culture, a handful of exaggerated proportions, a barrel of saturated colors : we give you step-by-step instructions on how to join this vitamin-packed party.

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Ah, the awesome power of nostalgia. Thanks to it - or because of it, depending on your point of view - certain trends that were deliberately put on the back burner not so long ago find themselves having to be revived as if nothing had happened.

It's a fact: fashion doesn't invent itself much, it reinvents itself a lot. That's why retro is always on trend. The question is: what retro, exactly? In 2021, it was the carmine palettes and the suave, disco vibe of 70s retro. As we enter 2022, it looks like we've jumped back in time without even needing a Delorean: the 90s are making a comeback, as acidic and unobtrusive as ever. And because following the trend is a great way for your POD brand to gain visibility, the TPOP team is determined to decipher this fashion so that you can be inspired.

Hold on to your hats, it's going to be a blast.

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Let's dust off our references

The mega-practicality of a singular aesthetic like the 90s is that it's easy to draw inspiration from it: its themes are so characteristic that they are ultimately quite recognisable, and therefore easily replicable for creators in search of reinvention (and yes, this is a wink to you, behind your screen).

You will notice a clear recurrence of certain themes or imagery in the designs inspired by the 90s, including :

  • Retro consoles and video games;
  • More generally, the technology of the time ;
  • Smileys (and yes, the grandfathers of Emojis);
  • Cartoon characters (revisited, since using the originals is plagiarism);
  • Pixelated writing ;
  • The palm trees and the tropical atmosphere in general.

It's all a bit of a mess, but the point is clear: this trend reflects a very pop-culture, childish, deeply nostalgic view of the 90s. You know, the kind of t-shirt you could win as a gift at your school's fair in 1996? That's exactly the vibe you need to aim for.

colors to sting the retina

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Source : Asos

This is the point that makes everyone agree: the 90s are at the top of the list of the flashiest decades, on a par with the 80s. We're talking about a time when people liked to test the limits of fashion without any scruples, and this is particularly true of the choice of bright colors palettes, which are at first improbable, but which finally make sense once the product is finished. Purple and green? Yes. Pink and yellow? Sure. Blue and orange? Absolutely! The main thing is to stay in saturated, almost electric shades, and to avoid pastels or powdery colours.

Please note: Digital screens allow some colors flashy products to be seen much more vividly than printed products: this is perfectly normal. To put it in technical terms, this is a matter of colorimetry (the science of colors), and it is one of the reasons why fluorescent colors cannot be printed. Therefore, expect to see a subtle change in the colors of your design after printing.

The 90's on the street with streetwear

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Have you ever heard of streetwear? More than a trend, it is a state of mind that has been conquering the fashion world in its entirety for a few years. And yes: streetwear is ambitious, and rightly so, as it is very popular.

The term streetwear refers to a style of dress based on comfort, expressed through loose, comfortable and casual clothing. You know sportswear, the fashion trend that brings together sportswear, shoes and accessories? Imagine your close cousin who doesn't really like exercise and is more the type to hang out at the coolest afterwork club in town, and there you have it: streetwear.

The 90's trend, as seen everywhere at the beginning of this year, is closely linked to streetwear, with pieces with wide cuts and soft, fleecy materials for a mega-comfort result. So we advise you to choose the products hosting your pretty 90's designs with care: rather than mugs or cushions, think sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies.

Oversized: thinking big

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Clothes in the right size? It's overrated. One of the major trends in 90s clothing was the exaggerated, cartoonishly proportioned silhouettes. Loose-fitting tops, baggys wide enough to accommodate four pairs of legs, platform trainers: one thing is certain, the fashion of the time invited us to play with contrasts, to caricature our own shapes.

If you want to offer this kind of fit to your customers, our catalogue includes an oversized t-shirt for men, designed by the eco-responsible brand Native Spirit. Note, however, that ANY garment can be oversized, even when it is initially fitted: just order it in one or even two sizes larger than your usual size. The most valuable advice we can give you is to order samples: there's nothing like testing the ideal sizing of your oversized product, so you'll know what to recommend to your customers directly in your product sheet. Samples will also allow you to take your own product photos: an undeniable bonus to showcase your range.

Order my samples

Good to know: if you don't have the possibility to make your own photoshoot, the site is full of mock-ups in 90's PlaceIt is full of mock-ups in 90's style. On the menu: gold chains, graffiti and a festival of bright colors , to get your customers in the mood, just right.

Sitcoms with recorded laughs, boy bands, high hairy eyebrows... We don't always agree on what this decade has contributed to our culture, but one thing's for sure: we LOVE this visual and sartorial trendcolors, and can't wait to see your 90's graphic creations. See you soon, commies.

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