Here they are: the premium quality posters

Conquer your customers' interior design with this beautiful new medium.

Posters in print on demand, lustre and matte.

We've been planning this event for years (we think this day should even become a holiday). Between our quality requirements and our ecological values, we wanted to do things right, really right. We're happy to say that the challenge has been met with flying colours: the posters are finally available in our catalogue, and their quality is simply staggering .

This means that we can talk about Museum Quality Art Prints rather than just posters.

Let's take a look at what makes this new medium exceptional.

Eco-friendly and ethical print on demand and our high quality posters

First of all, as far as the paper is concerned, we went to great lengths to find you the best of the best.

Our posters are available in two finishes: satin and matt. It's really a matter of taste: the matt finish is textured and allows for less reflection, while the satin finish will have a softer feel and look but also be a little reflective.

Once you have selected the finish, you will have the choice of printing in landscape or portrait orientation depending on your design. Finally, we believe that it is better to focus on quality rather than quantity, which is why we currently offer four different poster sizes: A4, A3, A2 and A1 (respectively, in inches: 8.27x11.67", 11.7x16.5", 16.5x23.4" and 23.4x33.1").

The paper we offer has a very high grammage; so high that it is simply incomparable with what we are used to seeing on the Print on Demand market: 250 gr/m2.

The paper we have chosen is really the best on the market, your customers will be amazed, no doubt.

When we say that nothing is too good for you, we are not kidding.

As you probably already know, we want to put eco-responsibility and ethical production methods at the centre of our service, and this new medium is no exception. The paper we are offering you complies fully with the FSC standard, i.e. it is made from 100% responsibly sourced wood fibres.

The icing on the cake is that it is made in France 🇫🇷

No more and no less! The planet and your customers' decorations will thank you in chorus.

Museum quality art prints with our eco-friendly POD service

In terms of printing, once again, we wanted to spoil you. So we offer you a superior print based on 12 colors, the maximum possible and imaginable.

Our printers are of the latest generation and represent the best of today's printing quality.

However, your images will have to meet certain requirements, such as size and quality, in order to achieve an optimal result. In addition, it is important to note that the print run will be made up exclusively of colors in the CMYK spectrum, as is the case with (literally) all print shops; you should therefore avoid using fluorescent colours in your visuals, for example, as these will stand out differently when printed. Once these conditions are met, everything should run smoothly.

To give you a better idea of the result of your printing, we provide you with 2 types of mock-ups on our application: a "hanging" mock-up of your poster (it is simply stretched against a plain color background) as well as a setting within a design décor.

As for the price, despite the top quality, we wanted to offer you an ultra-affordable product.

Thus, the prices of the prints start at 5 euros and end at 18 euros.

A bargain, isn't it?

In order to pamper you to the end, we have also planned the most careful and eco-friendlyshipping: depending on the size of your poster, it will be sent with love and tenderness either in a cardboard envelope or rolled in a triangular cylinder. Both of these packages are made of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. Your posters will also be wrapped in tissue paper to ensure a secure shipment and maximum customer satisfaction. The delivery rates are the same as those currently applied to T-shirt shipments: you can consult them in detail in our price list, available here.

We hope this release brings you enthusiasm and inspiration. In any case, we can feel your wallet gloating from here: for a product as premium as this one, you can easily set prices from 20 to 80 euros depending on the size of the poster. It's a new adventure that's starting, so get to work T-Partners!