3.4 - The choice of eco-responsibility

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As you've probably already noticed, one of the great advantages of TPOP is its eco-responsibility. But what exactly makes TPOP a green platform? 🌱

Choosing Print on Demand

It's worth noting that POD is already an environmentally-friendly mechanism, since it's based on a production-on-demand model. No stock, less production, THEREFORE less abuse of our planet's resources!

Responsible servers

Your data and our platform are hosted on sustainable, environmentally-friendly servers.

Eco-responsible and ethical products

The vast majority of our products are made from organic or recycled materials, because offering quality products that correspond to our values of respect for the environment, manufactured under ethical working conditions... Well, all this has been our priority since day 1 of the TPOP adventure.

Our water-based inks

We have made the deliberate choice to use water-based inks. These are OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT and GOTS 5.0 certified. And to top it all off, they're Vegan certified!

Our guaranteed plastic-free shipments

Between our 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard envelopes, our pockets and our Kraft paper adhesive, with us, shipments are made with eco-responsibility in mind!

100% carbon-neutral delivery

For your shipments, we work mainly with La Poste, a group that measures and offsets 100% of its emissions.

It's a major advantage for you to communicate these aspects to your customers.

In short, there's everything you need to print and ship your beautiful products without a hint of guilt!